5 Benefits of drinking ginger tea in the morning

ginger tea
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What if we tell you that ginger tea doesn’t actually include any tea leaves? Surprising enough? But that’s true. Instead, ginger tea is prepared by steeping some fresh ginger in hot water. Many regions of Asia have a long history of using ginger tea for both culinary and medicinal purposes. At the grocery shop or health food store, you can buy prepared teas or tea bags with ginger flavoring. But rather than just ginger, these are mixed with flavored tea leaves, which will just give you the taste but will not be beneficial or extremely refreshing. However, it is best to make it at home for a healthy and delicious taste.

How to prepare a delicious ginger tea?

ginger tea

The process of making ginger tea is extremely easy. Just a little fresh ginger and hot water are all that is required. Start out by chopping up some fresh ginger and putting them in a tea-making jar. Then pour some boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes. Lastly, you can add some honey, pepper, or lime juice for a better taste. Before drinking you can also put out the pieces of ginger.

Health benefits of having ginger-tea

  • Relief from nausea

ginger tea

Ginger is considered best for giving relief from nausea. You must have often been advised by older people and health experts to chew ginger or drink ginger tea while experiencing motion sickness or stomach flu as they provide enormous and instant relief.

  • Works great as an anti-aging miracle

ginger tea

Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties not only help your skin to become wrinkle-free but also may help to lessen the inflammation that causes some degenerative illnesses.

  • Improves blood pressure

ginger tea

A warm, comforting beverage can usually help reduce stress, but ginger has added quality of lowering blood pressure. By drinking ginger tea regularly, you can also lower the risk of hypertension.

  • Instant relief from pain

ginger tea

Since inflammation and pain are closely related, it is not surprising that ginger’s anti-inflammatory qualities can help lessen the discomfort caused due to muscle pain. Ginger is considered effective for those doing intense workout sessions. Ginger tea can also give certain relief to people having arthritis condition.

  • Boost immunity

Having ginger tea a day keeps a doctor away. Yes, you heard that right, as the antiviral and antibacterial quality present in ginger helps in fighting the flu by supporting the immunity system. It also gives immense relief from cough and cold. As you must have noticed that almost cough syrups have ginger as the main ingredient as it gives relief to the throat. So, try sipping ginger tea next time if you suffer from a cold.

What’s the best time to drink ginger tea?

ginger tea

Although ginger tea is delicious at any time of the day, the morning is the ideal time to have it. It kick-starts your metabolism, prevents motion sickness, and aids in breaking your body’s overnight fast. Although there are several benefits of ginger and its tea, it is advised that people who have certain medical conditions and pregnant women should consult their doctors before consuming it for nausea relief.