5 Benefits of drinking pomegranate and apple infused water

Source: Pexels

Looking for detox water that feels fresh and healthy? Here’s a solution for you – a pomegranate and apple-infused water. This might sound new and unique, but it will work wonders. You need to infuse the fruits in a jar, pitcher, or fruit infuser bottle for 2-3 hours, and your detox water is ready with a nice flavor and aroma.

Deseed a pomegranate and took an unpeeled and deseeded apple and sliced it. Add these two ingredients to your container and fill it with water. You can also mash the pomegranate seeds for a better flavor. For some added flavor, you can also use mint, rosemary, or a few drops of honey to it. These ingredients will enhance the flavor of the water and will also add some more health benefits to it. The reddish shade of the water will make it more appealing as the fruits get infused for some time.

Let us find out five reasons to try pomegranate apple-infused water:



Since pomegranate seeds contain a lot of fiber and water in them, they make this detox drink super-hydrating when combined with apple pulp. The seeds are a wonderfully hydrating source of antioxidants. Apples are said to be 85 percent water and some nutrients. So, the combination of apple and pomegranate seeds in this infused water is the cause behind the hydration power of this drink. Because of the great water content in pomegranates, they are also used to make hydrating face masks.

Low on calories

The pomegranate and apple-infused water is low on calories. It contains zero fats and no cholesterol. Therefore, this drink is good for the heart. Being low on calories, fats, and cholesterol, this detox water reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. This also reduces the risk of problems like obesity caused because of excess calorie consumption. Pomegranate and apple-infused water is rich in antioxidants that helps in better digestion and improved stomach and gut health.


Contains essential nutrients

Pomegranate and apple-infused water is rich in essential nutrients. It contains many useful vitamins and minerals along with carbohydrates. A glass of this detox water will give you doses of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and zinc. All these minerals assist in the smooth functioning of the body organs and systems. While calcium helps to maintain strong bones and teeth, iron is essential for the growth and development of the body. Potassium plays a great role in keeping the body healthy as it regulates fluid balance in the body and controls muscle contractions and nerve signals from the brain.

Good for the skin

Since pomegranate and apple-infused water has great detoxification properties, it is good for the health of the skin. This water helps in cleansing the blood running inside the body, which also affects the skin quality. The skin gets better nutrition and hydration that keeps it glowing, shiny, and clean. It also removes harmful toxins that affect the skin badly, along with the elimination of free radicals that may harm the skin.


Helps in weight loss

Pomegranate and apple-infused water is an effective weight loss agents. It is rich in antioxidants that help in the protection of cells against free radicals and protect the body from heart diseases and other chronic diseases. This detox water is a good source of fiber and helps in the digestion of food and smooth excretion of the waste portion. It is loaded with essential Vitamins like Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K and is a good source of potassium too. Pomegranate and apple-infused water have anti-inflammatory properties that help with symptoms of arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders. It also decreases the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, cancer, and other diseases.

This detox water made with pomegranate seeds and apple slices can be a go-to drink during summers for freshness and hydration. Such drinks also help in preventing dehydration and problems like fatigue, tiredness, and dizziness. To make this drink look fancy, you can use sparkling water in place of plain water to enjoy the bubbles roaming around your water pitcher. While pomegranate and apple-infused water have a red shade in it, try to use fresh fruits for a good flavor and maximum possible benefits. You can use the fruits for two batches of infused water.