5 Common ‘healthy foods’ that are not as healthy as you thought

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Credits: Pexels

If you want to encourage your overall well-being, you must incorporate good eating habits into your life. While new fitness and diet trends keep on adding something new to our list, the reality is that small adjustments and substitutions can have a significant impact on one’s health. People have become more inclined towards fitness since the pandemic, and that’s a really good thing for a change, as being healthy will only save your medical bill. It is easy to invest in healthy food than medical expenses.

Most of us these days choose food by seeing the labels like Low-Fat, Less-Calorie, Sugar-Free, Organic, Whole-grain, etc. We feel very content that we are finally following the right path by ditching food that was hampering our health. But are we really choosing the right food? Are these healthy food substitutes really healthy? Below mentioned are some so-called ‘healthy food’ that is actually not that healthy.


flat breadNowadays, almost every food outlet has an option to select the type of bread for your fillings. Choosing wrap in place of normal bread for your sandwich, people might believe they’re getting slim. However, there’s a fair probability that whatever you’re eating flatbread or tortillas you are consuming more or the same calories as two slices of bread. If you’re worried about the calories in bread and want to lose weight, try wrapping your sandwiches in romaine lettuce.


frozen yogurtSince yogurt is one of the few foods that are enriched with probiotics, that is really good for gut health. However, it’s a big misconception that all types of yogurts are equally healthy. Frozen yogurt doesn’t really vary from ice cream in any significant way. In addition to being heavy in sugar, it is frequently topped with harmful ingredients like gummy bears and crushed Oreo biscuits, etc. Pretzels, raisins, and peanuts that are covered in yogurt, all have sugar content. Additionally, flavored yogurts particularly often contain a lot of added sugar. So, plain low-fat Greek yogurt is always a good choice if you want to go healthy.

Milk that is plant-based

milkMany individuals believe that plant-based milk, such as soy, almond, and rice milk, is superior to cow’s milk. These kinds of milk don’t, however, contain the same combination of nutrients as cow’s milk. Additionally, many plant-based kinds of milk, particularly the flavored kinds, are incredibly high in sugar and fat. Choose cow’s milk over enriched plant-based alternatives unless you have a severe taste sensitivity or allergy.

Energy bar

energy barMost energy bars, especially those covered in chocolate, have the same amount of sugar, calories, and fat as a typical candy bar. Despite the fact that they contain components like brown rice syrup and additional fiber, they are only convenient sources of calories. Pick bars with easily identified, basic components. For instance, bars are held together by a combination of nuts, seeds, and a little honey. Additionally, if you’re attempting to lose weight, you can simply ignore it. All energy bars are high in calories since energy equals calories.

Baked chips

chipsMany people can’t compromise with the food, so they go for substitutes. Like a new fitness enthusiast, you may dump your regular chips with baked chips thinking they are healthy and won’t cause any harm. But that’s not true. No wonder it is better than a fried one but doesn’t make it healthy either, as these baked chips are added with extra sodium.