5 Essential rules couples must follow on their wedding day

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Marriage is significant for a couple because it is the day when they get tied in an eternal bond of love for years to come. The beautiful celebration of union which we call a wedding day often does not go as planned and ends up being a crazy affair. But that’s where all the fun is, right? However, there is added pressure on the couple to have a perfect wedding without any mistakes or complications.

Although all of this may be quite stressful for them, couples can follow some essential rules to prevent any mishaps from happening on their D-day.

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  1. Avoid calling too many people

Indian weddings are not only grand but also extravagant with around 500-1000 people being invited to the events. Sometimes, the numbers are higher than expected. However, a couple can take a collective decision of inviting only those people who they want to be a part of their wedding to avoid complications.

  1. Don’t entertain tensions

Complications are bound to arise on a wedding day. Be it the wedding case missing from the venue or a food item getting burnt. The couple must focus on their special day and leave these worries to the rest of the family members to handle. In short, they must not entertain unnecessary tensions.

  1. Pose for photographs

Weddings are incomplete without photographs. So, a couple must take the chance to pose for as many photographs as possible to make their wedding day memorable. They must not forget their special moments amid the wedding chaos.

  1. Greet the guests

Everyone is bound to be busy on a wedding day, even the couple. However, they must not forget to greet each guest with courtesy despite being busy with other chores.

  1. Have a wedding planner by the side

The easiest way to deal with wedding woes is to have the wedding planner by the side. They can do everything systematically and professionally so that the wedding takes place without any hassles.


By following the above essential rules, couples can prevent any unwanted chaos or mishap at their wedding. It’s their D-day and they must make sure to enjoy the special moments to their fullest.