5 Feel-good movies to watch this weekend

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Long festive weekends are just around the corner, and you must have already planned how to utilize them. For many of you who are still wondering what to do or have decided to be home alone, we have a list of some feel-good movies that you can watch and have a positive weekend vibe.

When In Rome – 2010

This story is about a New Yorker, Beth Martin, who is young, accomplished, and attractive but doesn’t have a fulfilling love life. The news of Beth Martin’s younger sister’s impending Italian wedding saddens her more. Upon her visit to Rome, she comes across Fontana di Trevi, a special fountain that can help you get the love of your life. She wins a few admirers and also develops special feelings for the charming Nick Beamon. It is very interesting to see whether Beth discovers true love or returns empty-handed to New York.

She’s the Man – 2006

She's the Man (2006) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

It is a romantic comedy about Viola Hastings, who impersonates her twin brother Sebastian and gets into his boarding school under his name but is jeopardized by complications. She falls in love with Duke, her charming roommate, who is in love with Olivia, a stunning woman. The story ends here as Olivia has fallen for Sebastian. The story becomes even more interesting when Viola’s twin arrives early from London and discovers that his sister has taken his seat on campus. Watch this movie if you want to understand Viola’s complicated yet interesting life.

Shall We Dance – 2003

Shall We Dance (2004) Official Trailer # 1 - Richard Gere HD

Richard Gere plays the busy lawyer John Clark, who has a great wife, adorable children, and a good life. At first glance, everything appears to be fine, but John is lacking something. Every evening as he leaves work, he comes across Paulina, a beautiful dance instructor, who is visible through the window which comes on his way. John chooses to enroll in her dance classes, so he gets to introduce her. His life soon becomes enjoyable as he makes some new friends and, of course, dances, which eventually propels John to take part in a ballroom dance competition. This story is so touching that it will eventually fill you up with positive vibes.

Legally Blonde – 2001

Legally Blonde (2001) | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

This story begins with a sad note when Elle Woods, who plays the main character in this movie, gets dumped by her boyfriend Warner because he wants someone more committed to their careers. Elle falls deeply depressed and isolates herself in her room for days. One fine day she comes across a newspaper, where she finds out that Warner got engaged with the love of his life Vivian, whom he met while attending law school. Elle believes that by becoming a lawyer, she can probably get Warner back into her life. She takes the test for admission to law school, succeeds, and gets admitted to Harvard. People at Harvard dislike her when she first arrives because of the way she acts like an idiot blonde. Elle tries very hard in law school to disprove Warner’s image of her.

Only You – 1994

Only You (1994) - Trailer

It is a story about a young woman Faith Corvatch who is obsessed about falling in love with a man whose name is Damon Bradley, though she hasn’t yet met him. Already confused? Actually, this obsession of hers started when she was told by a fortune-teller in her youth that a man named Damon Bradley would be her true love. Faith eventually abandoned this notion, though, as she was planning to wed her partner. That is, until she received a call from Damon Bradley, a friend of her fiancé’s, informing her that he would not be able to attend their wedding as he was occupied with some work in Italy. This phone call again ignites her feeling, and she decides to visit Venice to find him. There, she encounters a charming man (Robert Downey Jr.) who claims to be Damon Bradley. Although Faith is ecstatic, she is unaware that he lied about the name. Would Faith consider this to be a deal-breaker? Or would she realize that love has nothing to do with just a name?