5 Foods that keep your teeth healthy

Credits: Pixabay

Your teeth play an important role in the enhancement of personality. When you first meet a person, you begin noticing them from the face, which starts with eye contact and a pleasant smile. Imagine yourself going to represent an important project at an office conference and not greeting people with a smile because you know you have unhealthy and unattractive teeth. Or getting comments from your own family and friends because of your tooth decay which looks bad and stinky at the same time.

Nowadays, people spend lots of money on different dental treatments. Dental revisions can change your outlook on life if your teeth are aging or you have significant damage to take care of. But what if we say that you can make your teeth healthy without spending much on natural processes? It is well known that sugar harms teeth. What foods genuinely keep your teeth healthy, though?  Here we will tell you about five amazing foods that will help you keep your teeth shining and healthy.

Sweet Potato

sweet potato 1Vitamin A contents are found abundant in sweet potatoes. They are crucial for the development of strong, healthy bones and teeth. They also include vitamin C, which supports the health of your gums. In fact, gum bleeding is a potential symptom of vitamin C deficiency. You can consume sweet potato by simply boiling it or half roasting it; in both ways, it tastes good and is healthy.


cheeseAlthough it may seem unlikely that something as delectable as cheese could be beneficial for your dental health, it’s true as cheese has a high amount of calcium, which helps in uplifting tooth health by strengthening tooth enamel. In fact, cheese balances the pH in your mouth, preventing cavities. Just remember to consume cheese in moderation.  You can add cheddar to your daily snack habit.



Apples are very effective in maintaining oral hygiene. If someday you run short of your toothpaste, you can simply eat one small apple and clean your teeth. The acids aid in the removal of plaque by combating bacteria and elastic skin. Apple chewing causes salivation to flow. This saliva is helpful for clearing plaque and clearing the present bacteria and left-out food particles. With the gristly structure, apples help stimulate your gums.


onionThough eating raw onions leaves a smell in your mouth, it is very beneficial in fighting away bacteria which is a major cause of gum problems and cavities. All credit goes to the onion’s antibacterial characteristics, especially the sulfur compound, which helps in eradicating germs and makes your teeth look healthy.  If you find it hard to chew onions alone, add them to your subway sandwich or mix them in a bowl of salad.

Green veggies

benefits of starting your day with leafy greensLeafy greens are healthier for your overall health, including strong oral health. Calcium and vitamin C are among the nutrients found in abundance in this source of food which encourage strong teeth and gums.