5 Foods to avoid eating in the morning

5 Foods to avoid Eating in Breakfast
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Did you know that breakfast is one of the most important meals to have in a day? Not your lunch or brunch or even dinner. It’s what you eat the first thing when you wake up in the morning that is the most critical for the health of your body. Do you know why? Whatever you eat the first thing in the morning kickstarts your metabolism and aids in the digestion process throughout the day.

So, it’s mandatory to be mindful of your breakfast and start choosing the health of your body over your taste buds.

List of foods to avoid eating for breakfast:

  1. White Bread Toasts:

White Bread Toast

Having white bread toast is one of the most chosen foods for breakfast since they are easy to make and perfect when combined with tea or coffee. However, if you like your morning tea or coffee to be sipped alongside something solid like toast, make sure that you eat brown bread toast instead of white ones. Brown bread is rich in fiber which ultimately helps in the digestion process and maintains bad cholesterol levels in your body. Make sure that the next time you buy brown bread, it needs to be whole wheat or whole meal flavor along with minimum preservatives.

  1. Concentrated fruit juices:

Fruit Juice

You might think how can fruit juice be harmful as a breakfast since fruits are supposed to be rich in nutrients and vitamins? That’s correct! Fruits contain nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the digestion process and maintaining the overall health of the body. Not the juice. When fruits are crushed to make concentrated juices, which involve the process of filtering and evaporation, the constituting vitamins are lost. More often than not, concentrated fruit juices contain high levels of fructose that can skyrocket your blood sugar levels. So, that’s a no-no for diabetic patients. If you want to consume juice, make sure it’s fresh and it’s consumed alongside something solid. To be safer, just eat the whole fruit.

  1. Sandwiches that are not homemade:

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Sandwiches that are not freshly made or homemade, that are brought from the shops, constitute an exorbitant amount of fats, salt, and unhealthy carbohydrates that can make you feel lethargic at the start of the day itself. The purpose of having breakfast is to energize your body. But having a sandwich from the shop can only make you feel lazier than you woke up. Don’t go for the quick and easy option; give some effort into making your breakfast.

  1. Bagels:

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Eating bagels for breakfast is a fancy thing. Imagine telling your colleague when they offer you something, ‘I had a cream cheese bagel for breakfast, so I am full, thank you!’ Fancy, right? Healthy? Not so much. Bagels are made out of refined wheat flour, sans fibers, and nutrients, which are essential for your bowel health. So, if the essentials are absent, what is present are only unhealthy fats and carbohydrates. Not to mention the high-calorie element that is probably going to make you want to sleep in the middle of the meeting. However, if you do want something fancy to eat for breakfast so you can flex in front of peers, you can opt for rye bread, which does not spike your blood sugar levels.

  1. Cereal Bars:

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Another fancy thing to have for breakfast, especially if you’re new to the fitness arena and you quickly want to get a healthier body. Surprisingly, many fitness enthusiasts on Instagram have promoted the consumption of cereal bars for breakfast and even during the entirety of the day. So, if you’re new to this, it is highly recommended to fact-check every piece of information before you experiment with it with your body.

One cereal bar constitutes exorbitant amounts of sugar, with little to no protein. This is not going to help you on your fitness journey, no matter how healthy it looks or bland it tastes.  It is prudent to choose a more nutritious and stomach-filling option that can energize you and prepare your body for the rest of the day. Consuming too much sugar is not good in the long term.

These are some of the foods to avoid eating for breakfast. Be that as it may, skipping your breakfast completely just because you were getting late or you had no energy is equally detrimental to your health as having any of the abovementioned foods. Skipping breakfast completely can lead to unhealthier food choices and overeating which can cause serious repercussions on your body.

Choose breakfast. Choose healthily.