5 Golden rules for live-in couples for a happy relationship

Credits: Pexels

A live-in relationship is a perfect spot for couples who are in love but get intimidated by the pressure and permanence brought forward by the legally and socially recognized institution – marriage. Partners who are bound only by love and not any other matrimonial rules can live it up and enjoy the perks of being in a serious relationship without legal commitment.

Although the debate between marriage and live-in relationships will continue, it will always be up to the couples to choose what they want in their lives. Speaking so, let us look at some of the best golden rules that couples must follow for a successful live-in relationship.

Live in couples

  1. Decide the financial responsibilities

One of the most significant rules that a live-in couple must follow is to respect each other’s financial responsibilities. They must make sure to pay their share in upkeeping and running the house.

  1. Divide the chores

From tidying up the house to doing the laundry, both partners must divide the tasks to delegate equal responsibilities among them. Moreover, hiring domestic help to do the chores must be a joint decision.

  1. Be clear on the decision

Couples must be clear on why they are taking the huge decision of getting into a live-in relationship. Doing so is a wise decision and should never be done in haste. It is to ensure that no one moves in with false expectations and promises.

  1. Sort out troubles together

Live in couples

It is normal to have arguments, fights, or irritations as a couple. However, it is in the hands of both partners to sort out the troubles together. It can also help them avoid some common relationship problems and overcome them with ease.

  1. Give in to fantasies and desires

Couples have a lot of room to explore and experiment when they are in a live-in relationship. However, fantasies and desires work only when both partners are on the same page about them.

Live-in relationships require a lot of understanding and adjustments. Following the above golden rules will help couples in coping up with their troubles and live a happy life together.