5 Healthy relationship habits that most people consider toxic

relationship habits

Relationships have existed from infinite times and continue to do so even now. However, conflicts are unavoidable, and we feel everyone understands them. Sometimes, there are certain issues that are hard to face – yes, we are talking about hurting each other’s feelings, the role of fighting, feeling occasional attraction towards other people, dealing with dissatisfaction, and so on.

These normal issues aren’t usually discussed in day-to-day lives. While most of us are aware of the habits that can get toxic in relationships, many people mistake some healthy habits for being on the poisonous side.

We will be discussing some healthy relationship habits that most people think are toxic.

  1. Unresolved conflicts

relationship habits

There are times when we let some conflicts with our partners go unresolved. Yes, now many will call this toxic, but no, it is not! It is okay to let go of certain situations, and the same applies to relationship conflicts. Bringing back an old matter can further deteriorate your relationship rather than bridge the gap.

  1. Hurting each other’s feelings

Let’s take an example here. Your wife loves makeovers and often does them on a monthly basis. What if she doesn’t look good in her latest wardrobe change? Won’t you go and tell her? Yes, she might get pissed off a little, but it is for her own benefit. So, it concludes that it is okay to hurt your partner’s feelings at times if it is for his or her benefit.

  1. Willing to end it

relationship habits

It is true that sometimes relationships do not work. So, if you are leaving your partner for some mental peace, it is good. We usually view it as a failure if someone’s relationship ends. However, it is high time to read between the lines before judging anybody’s romantic sacrifice.

  1. Getting attracted to other people

Well, this is true, a mental tyranny. We face a lot of stress and anxiety in a non-honest relationship where a mildly sexual or emotional thought not involving a partner leads to high treason. However, biology says that the novelty of a partner can wear off a bit after the honeymoon phase. So, studies say that it is a biological inevitability that we find multiple people attractive in our lives.

  1. Spending time apart

It is completely okay to give each other some space. And no, that is not toxic at all! Our lives are mostly consumed by the person we are infatuated with whenever we get into a relationship. So, it is completely okay to spend some time apart and give your valuable moments to other people in the family or friends circle.

When people are in love, there is nothing that can pull them apart. The same applies in the case of relationships. All we need to do is be a little cautious and stop calling some healthy habits toxic like the ones that we discussed above.