5 Mistakes to avoid in your second trimester

pregnancy 2

Being pregnant is a joyful time for many. During this time, you might need to make some sacrifices, but they will all be worth it for your unborn kid. There are numerous changes in the lives and bodies of women as they become pregnant. You start living a healthy lifestyle for the betterment of your unborn child, and that’s what makes a motherly feeling special.

So, if you have already passed the most difficult first trimester of your pregnancy, you are good to go for the second trimester without worrying much, as this period is considered the most relaxing time for all pregnant ladies. Your pregnancy’s second trimester, that is, 4,5, and 6 months is comprised of weeks 13 to 28. During this stage of pregnancy, your baby bump finally starts to look a little big, and you can also feel the first movement of your unborn child during this period.

However, there are a few things that need to be followed to avoid any health issues during the second trimester. Here are a few mistakes that expecting mothers should avoid in their second trimester.

Unhealthy eating habits

fast foodIn the second trimester, most women start having food cravings. It is always a good idea to satisfy your hunger by taking healthy food rather than going for fast food, especially food containing Ajinomoto, as it is considered harmful during pregnancy. Also, if you are already overweight, try not to eat oily and sweet dishes, which will increase your weight and lead to other issues.

No physical activity

pregnancy 1Some women take pregnancy as sick leave and give rest to their bodies the whole day. When you will reach your second trimester, the doctor will tell you about regular exercises according to your current health. So, regular morning and evening walks should be in your daily routine. Apart from this, you need to stop slouching and continue your body movement after every small break.

Applying lots of cosmetics and perfumes

cosmeticThis one is especially for working moms who have to go office every day. Try to avoid makeup that has lots of chemicals. You can go for organic products or products which are safe to use during pregnancies. Also, refrain from using perfumes with a strong smell, as they are not considered good for an unborn child’s health. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking good, there are many brands in the market that promise to be free of any chemicals or parabens. So, choose your brand wisely, and you are good to go.

Skipping medicines

vitamin c 1One thing that you must never forget is taking your supplements on time. Always follow your doctor and never miss monthly check-ups and ultra-sounds recommended to you, as they are the safest and best thing during the pregnancy journey. Some old relatives will always tell their stories about having natural remedies, not visiting doctors, not going for scans considered harmful for babies, but just consider them a myth. To guarantee the health of both you and your child, utmost care must be taken.

Skipping meals

skip mealBeing pregnant is not an easy task. You are now responsible for the health of the other person as well. You should stop worrying about your increasing weight during pregnancy. Firstly, you need to get up on time to have an early breakfast and then continue eating after every 2 to 3 hours break. Being empty stomach is not at all acceptable during pregnancy. If you skip your meal, you will not get sufficient nutrients which will be a setback for your as well as your baby’s health.