5 Movies like Thor: Love and Thunder that are equally exciting and adventurous

5 Movies like Thor: Love and Thunder

If you’ve already watched Thor: Love and Thunder, you must probably be recovering from the hangover. With its global total crossing $302 million, the new MCU has already caused thunder at the box office. Directed by Taika Waititi, Love and Thunder stars Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Natalie Portman and co-stars Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher and Russell Crowe as Zeus. With such a phenomenal cast and riveting plot, it would be a wonder if any Marvel movie did not make it to the top.

If you haven’t watched Thor: Love and Thunder yet, check out its official trailer below:

Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Trailer

However, there are some equally fascinating movies whose reels run parallel to the new Thor movie. Would you like to check them out? Continue to read the article for that.

5 thrilling movies like Thor: Love and Thunder

1. Spaceballs:

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Considered to be one of the best parody movies ever made, Spaceballs stars Bill Pullman, Rick Moranis, John Candy along with George Wyner, Lorene Yarnell, and Daphne Zuniga. The plot revolves around Lone Starr (Pullman) and his alien friend Barf (Candy) rescuing Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga and Dot Matrix (Yarnell) from the Spaceballs. These Spaceballs are led by President Skroob (Brooks). The series of adventures in the movie make it even funnier today than it was in the 80s.

2. The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai: Across the 8th Dimension:

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Released in 1984, the movie is based on Buckaroo Bonzai played by Peter Weller. Bonzai is a polymath, a skilled brain surgeon, a superhero, and a test pilot. When you watch it, you’ll feel as if you are reading a comic book and you are already acquainted with every character. Regardless of its success, there is unfortunately no TV show or a prequel made.

3. Men in Black:

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Now, who hasn’t watched this? Although it might seem weird to compare Thor with Men in Black in terms of its plotline and concept, the humor is equal in both. Not only that, but in both movies, you don’t have to use your mind much. You can just sit and enjoy. The camaraderie between the characters played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is frolicsome but doesn’t make the movie boring. Not that the movie which explores NYC as a place where aliens have decided to just live among the people who find themselves okay with that, is any boring.

4. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

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Inspired by the novel series of the same name written by Douglas Adams, Hitchhikers is considered to be one of the most comic sci-fi movies ever made. The popularity of the film adaptations is not only because of their visually-appealing cinematography or their fascinating plot, but it is also because of their background story. Douglas Adams, the author of the novel series, was very protective of the plotline and the characters of the story. So much so that he became one of the authors of the film adaptation. Unfortunately, he passed away before the film was released which in its way spiked the curiosity of the public.

Even though the movie that was released in 2005 isn’t that true to the novel series, it was still a reflection of Adam’s genius.

5. Mars Attacks:

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Essentially a cartoon movie, Mars Attacks was directed by Tim Burton. It is based on a Martian invasion on Earth where the main cast fights it. A concoction of dark humor plus adventure, the movie does not abstain from social commentary. Whether it is the President of the United States (Jack Nicholson) or a lowly soldier (Jack Black) in circumstances where they make complete fools of themselves, the movie is also inclined toward its farcical nature. Silly and humorous, this movie like, Thor: Love and Thunder, asks you to stop thinking from your mind and start watching through your heart.

These are the top five movies like Thor: Love and Thunder that you can watch anytime and anywhere you want. Although nothing can beat MCU (*DC coughs*), these movies will surely help you explore related movies and build your taste.