5 Movies to watch if you liked Turning Red

movies to watch if you liked Turning Red

Still, obsessing over Turning Red? Of course, you are, because who won’t? And we are sure you are wanting more. If you haven’t watched it yet, Turning Red is the story of a 13-year-old girl, Mei Lee who battles the ups and downs of her adolescent age while trying to please her mom. Mei Lee is a Chinese-Canadian student who transforms into a giant red panda whenever she feels a strong emotion. This is the first-ever cartoon movie that talks freely about menstruation and that is one of the most unique features of this movie.

It is an animated coming-of-age comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Pictures. If you liked Turning Red, here are some movies that you’ll definitely like:

1. Moana

Moana Official Trailer

A story about adventure, acceptance, and love triumphing over hate. Moana is a story of a young girl, Moana who is strong-willed, adventurous, and brave. She is the daughter of the chief of Polynesian village and the inhabitants of this village worship the goddess of nature Te Fiti who is known for bringing the ocean to life long ago by using a stone called pounamu as her heart but Maui who is the shape-shifting demigod steals the heart and give humanity the power of creation. Maui is attacked by a volcanic demon after some time and he loses his magical fishhook as well as the heart. Now, a thousand years later Moana has been chosen by the ocean to reunite the heart with Te Fiti. The story is about Moana’s adventures, how she left her family to find her true identity even when she loved them dearly. Watch this movie if you love powerful, enjoyable, and female-centric movies.

2. Brave

Brave is one of the best Pixar movies ever, the beautiful storytelling, adventurous plot and cultural references make this movie a must-watch for everyone. This movie conveyed a very strong message that “Where there is a will there’s a way” and we must not stop fighting for the people we care about. The story starts when Princess Merida who is a 16 years old girl, discovers that she is about to be betrothed to the son of one of her father’s friends and according to her mom, this union is very important for the safety of their country. Merida is a talented archer and doesn’t want to be a dutiful wife for the rest of her life. On the day of the Highland game, she demands that whoever beats her in an archery competition will be her husband, being a superior archer, she easily bests her suitors and runs away into the forest afterward. In the forest, she meets an old witch who gives her an enchanted cake and when Merida gives this cake to her mom, her life changes forever. This story is about Merida’s attempts to save her mother and her family from the magic. Watch this movie if you’re looking for something cute, funny yet thought-provoking.

3. Zootopia

Zootopia Official US Trailer #2

Zootopia is a movie about turning your dreams into reality and how you can achieve even the impossible-looking things if you are determined enough. It is the story of Rabbit Judy Hoops who is from rural Bunnybrow and has a dream of becoming a police officer, she fulfills her childhood dream by getting posted as an officer in urban Zootopia but even after her achievements, and talent, she is designated to parking duty. She is hustled by a fox named Nick on the first day of her job who is a con artist. The suspense part of the movie begins when 14 animals went missing, one of them is Emmitt, whose wife demands help from the officers. Judy is assigned the task of finding these animals and later she blackmails Nick into helping her. The story is about an accidental friendship, determination to win, and a strong female lead, who after waiting for so long, finally gets an opportunity to show her talent to the world. This movie is a must-watch if you like cute, fluffy, and strong women-centered movies.

4. Frozen

Disney's Frozen Official Trailer

A magical tale about finding one’s true identity and believing in the power of dreams and fate. The story is about a princess who has to leave her castle and another princess who wants her sister back at any cost. Princess Elsa of Arendelle has some magical powers that allow her to control and create ice but this power does more harm than good as she accidentally injures her sister with her magic while playing. Elsa ceases all contact with her sister, Anna to protect her. After the death of her parents in a sea storm, Elsa is to be crowned queen of Arendelle but she is afraid that people will find out about her powers and fear her. During the ceremony, she avoids Anna. Anna falls in love with Prince Hans at first sight and when they talk to Elsa and seek her blessing, Elsa objects. Anna demands to know the reason for her isolation and fear and accidentally, Elsa unleashes her power and out of fear, leaves the castle and flees to Northern Mountain. The story is about Anna trying to get her sister back and Elsa who has to find how to control her magical power. Frozen is the most beautiful movie that Pixar has ever produced and you have to watch this movie to experience its beauty and magic.

5. Tangled

Tangled - Official Trailer 2

Tangled is a musical adventure comedy movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie is about Rapunzel, who is a lost and young princess with magical long blonde hair who just has one dream, to leave her isolated tower and see the outside world. The story starts with Mother Gothel, an old beggar woman who uses a magical flower to stay young but when the soldiers find out, they uproot it and use it to save their ill queen. After some time, the queen gives birth to a girl with long blonde hair. When Gothel finds out that the magic of flower transforms into the hair of that girl, she kidnaps her and raises her in an isolated tower. Rapunzel thinks that Gothel is her real mother and she is not evil but every year, when she watches thousands of sky lanterns, she wants to visit that place at least once in her life but Gothel objects to this. Later, a young and handsome thief Flynn Rider steals the kingdom’s crown and comes to the tower to hide. Rapunzel blackmails him into taking her to that place and having no other choice, Flynn agreed. The story is about their adventures, filled with action, suspense, drama, and love. Watch this movie if you are looking for something cute, light, and romantic.