5 Must-watch anime on Netflix

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix have a respectable collection of anime shows, just like every other streaming services having a thing for Japanese animations. There is huge number of people who are big fans of the genre. If you find that you are running out of series to binge watch, now could be a good time to sign up for a Netflix subscription. Netflix also contains some of the best anime that is currently available to view online.

In light of the fact that browsing the site can, at times, be rather challenging, we have compiled a list of the absolute finest anime series that can be found on Netflix in order to assist you. If you feel like your life needs more cartoons and animated shows, we have compiled a guide to assist you watch them online.

1. Attack On Titan

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Credit: Netflix

It’s incomprehensible to see how the story’s compass has slowly evolved over time, despite Attack on Titan becoming one of the most watched anime series of this decade. The anime is set in a walled megacity where humans has tamed the enormous elephants that roam the countryside beyond its boundaries. The anime follows the populace’s attempts to fend off these beasts, but it also examines the centuries-long conflict and the origins of elephants. Attack on Titan offers genuine incentives for loyal fans, and the character growth, backstabbing, and revelations are just as enjoyable as the thrilling battles against herds of elephants. Even while Netflix only has Attack on Titan’s first season available, it’s still a convenient method to learn about the influential anime before the success of its fourth and final seasons.

2. Death Note

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Credit: Netflix

Death Note provides a fable that tackles the curious nature of man and the dark places that curiosity may lead, it is one of the more popular animes to come out in recent years, despite the exaggerated directions the plot takes. As it alternates between a killer and an agent, with the fictitious and enigmatic Death Note trapped in the middle, Death Note is a masterful lesson in perspective. The Death Note has the ability to kill anyone whose name is written inside of it, and Light Yagami uses this ability in a way that is very ominous. Death Note contains some engrossing studies, and because it is emotive, it is appropriate to incorporate inflated visuals and severe rudiments into this unsettling character study. The fact that Light makes mistakes from the beginning and merely pushes himself more into the point of no return is one of the things that makes Death Note so enjoyable.

3. Demon Slayer

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Credit: Netflix

Tanjiro learns that only one of his sisters managed to survive the attack on their family that was carried out by demons and that took the lives of the rest of his family. Nevertheless, she is in the process of becoming into a demon herself. Tanjiro decides to train to become a demon slayer so that he might avenge his family and find a way to free his sister from the curse that has been placed on her. Demon Slayer is not just accurate and thought-provoking but has also become an enormous hit despite having a premise that, in the world of anime, may not seem all that unique.

4. Castlevania

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Credit: Netflix

This one is an original anime production by Netflix is based on the third entry of the Castlevania video game series, which is titled Castlevania: Dracula’s Curse. Despite the fact that an English dub is eventually produced for the majority of the top anime series, this show was created, in the first place, for its audience in the United States. Castlevania is an absolute must-watch if you’re wanting to fill the fantasy-loving void in your heart. It features a ton of action and intrigue, as well as a winning combo of one-liners and vampires, making it a winning combination.

5. Eden

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Credit: Netflix

Eden is an aesthetically and descriptively gorgeous anime series that can easily be binged in a single day. This is because there are no very gory scenes or excessive quantities of fan service in the series, making it a far more family-friendly option than other anime series. One of the only remaining humans on future Earth is a girl who was brought up by robots and is now beginning to piece together the legacy that her reckless ancestors left behind.