5 Must-watch romantic shows on HBO Max

must-watch romantic series on HBO Max
Credits: HBO Max

Romantic shows are one of the most preferred genres for many cinema lovers as they allow us to root for our favorite couple as they work their way towards their happily ever after. These shows have everything a romantic at heart could ever ask for. Enemies-to-lovers? Forced-proximity? Fake dating trope? Check, check and check!

HBO Max has plenty of stuff for the romantics, be it a platonic love story or a story about star-crossed lovers. Here are some of the best shows on HBO Max that are full of love-fuelled adventures.

1. Starstruck

must-watch romantic series on HBO Max

This series is not widely known but trust us, it will give you all the warm, romantic, and fuzzy feelings throughout the episodes. Starstruck is a romantic comedy that follows the life of a 20-something woman who works at a cinema and as a nanny. Her life is tilted upside down when after a one-night stand, she realizes that she slept with a famous movie star. Now, the pair has to make their relationship work while dealing with the obstacles that come with it. A must-watch if you are into stories with star-crossed lovers and happily ever afters.

2. Love Life

must-watch romantic series on HBO Max

Love Life is a romantic comedy anthology that revolves around the life of a different person each season, from their first romance until their last romance. This is one of HBO’s earliest original TV shows and focuses on a different person’s history of romance, including failed relationships and difficult friendships. The series is known for the characters’ brilliant performances and the thoughtful exploration of a romantic relationship and the phases it has to go through. A must-watch if you’re a fan of romance with wit and comedy.

3. Pretty Little Liars

must-watch romantic series on HBO Max

A perfect choice for someone who is looking for a teen romantic mystery drama series. This show follows the lives of five best friends, whose lives completely change when one of their friends goes missing. They begin getting mysterious text messages from someone who knows all of their dark secrets. As the story progresses, the girls face struggles with forbidden love, complicated relationships, and bonding with someone from their past. Watch this series if you like romance with mystery and thriller.

4. Sex and the City

must-watch romantic series on HBO Max

A story about the friendship between four ladies and their complicated, sometimes dramatic love lives. It follows the lives of these four women and how they remain inseparable, despite their different natures and complicated love lives. The series has tackled several modern issues like sexuality, femininity, and promiscuity while exploring the friendship between the women and their romantic relationships. This show is like a breath of fresh air, and you should watch it if you’re a fan of stories about friendships and relationships.

5. Looking

must-watch romantic series on HBO Max

Looking is a romantic comedy-drama series that follows the lives of Patrick and his two gay best friends, who look for love while trying to establish themselves and manage their lives in their respective fields in San Francisco. The story is about these three men trying to navigate life, relationships, family, and careers while dealing with the complex dating world. The show is very popular for its fresh take on gay-themed drama and top-notch performances.