5 Must-watch sitcoms on Netflix

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There must not be a single soul on earth who does not love sitcoms. They have the ability to lift the mood up or make us feel good in any situation. In the modern binge-watching era sitcoms are appropriate for every situation whether you are curling up on your bed, alone at night or having dinner with your family or just chilling with your friends. Netflix has been a home for hundreds of sitcoms. From age-old classic comedy series to Netflix originals, there are tons of sitcoms you can binge all day.

Here is a list of five sitcoms you can watch you can find on Netflix that will give you a break from your monotonous life and lift your mood up instantly:

1. Friends

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The multi-blockbuster evergreen Friends is definitely one of the greatest comedy television series ever made. People from all over the world never get tired of binge watching this show. We have all watched the show so many times that Ross, Joey, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Phoebe, of them, have become a part of our lives. The show tells the story of six friends in their 20s and 30s who live in Manhattan, New York. Throughout all ten seasons, they keep doing normal adult stuff and that’s why people get so connected to the show. The show is still relevant even though it was released 25 years ago.

2. The Big Bang Theory

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Credit: CBS

This American sitcom gives light to the lives of two geek physicists Sheldon and Leonard who share an apartment. The story also introduces us to their geek colleagues Howard who is an engineer and Rajesh who is an astrophysicist there is also penny who lives across the hall. This 12-season-long series got huge support and love from the audience. All the actors were perfectly casted but it was Jim Parsons who absolutely stole the show with his outstanding performance as Sheldon Cooper. Jim also won four Emmy Awards for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series. The series spawned a prequel series named Young Sheldon which focuses on the childhood of Sheldon Cooper and his family.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Credit: NBC

This is an American Police Procedural Comedy series that focuses on a team of detectives from the New York Police Department. The show has Andy Samberg who plays the role of Jake Peralta who is not really a usual detective. He loves to solve crimes in his own style; he does not really follow the conventional rules set by the department. In every episode, the characters solve the crimes in their own hilarious way. But apart from their professional life, the show reflects on their personal lives as well. This is one of the best comedy shows of recent times.

4. The Office

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Credit: NBC

This American faux-documentary sitcom ran from 2005 to 2013. The story focuses on the employees of a fictional company named Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The show has several characters, and each of them has their own unique personality to put in front of the audience. From Dwight’s superiority complex to Jim-pam’s cute office romance, everything about the show is relatable to the audience. The show has won several primetime Emmy Awards. The show has received a lot of positive responses from the audience as well as the critics. It is definitely considered one of the best workplace comedies of all time.

5. That ’90s show

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Credit: Netflix

This American teen sitcom set during the summer of 1995 is the sequel to the popular comedy series ‘That ’70s Show’. The premiered on Netflix on January 2023. The show focuses on Leila Forman, the daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti who spends her summer with her grandparents Red and Kitty. The show serves as a perfect sequel to its predecessor. The fans of That ’70s Show must give it a watch.