5 Myths about bridal skincare you should never fall for

Credits: pexels.com

If you are a bride-to-be, you cannot afford to miss this. It’s difficult to decide whom to believe when it comes to skincare and makeup. With the wedding season coming to your head, you might get to hear a lot of distinct tips and tricks. Every bride wishes to ace her pre-bridal skincare routine to glow on her D-day.

Before everything, one piece of advice is not to get into the black hole of unsolicited internet advice on treatments and products. Some brides also go for surgical procedures to alter their appearance. This should be strictly avoided. Below, we are listing 5 myths that brides often hear while they prepare for their big day.

Myth 1: Treat your acne with special products

myths about bridal skincare

Fact: If your skin is prone to acne, people will often pass comments about your skin and suggest ways to treat your acne. A bride-to-be is often recommended to use products like anti-acne facewash, anti-acne cream, and scrubs. But you should try to avoid such products as, at times, these can do more harm than good. If these give adverse reactions to your skin, your skin will get worse and might result in irreversible marks. A better way to treat acne is regular moisturizing, double cleansing, and keeping your skin hydrated. It is well said that “what goes inside comes outside”. So, a good sleep, a healthy diet, and a better routine can help in treating acne. Also, try to keep your diet routinely clean and minimal to keep your skin healthy.

Myth 2: Go for an oil massage

Fact: Beauticians and peers often suggest a bride-to-be go for oil massages to make the skin glowing and shiny. But if you have oily skin, this can worsen the condition. Oil massages can bring out the oil from your skin and also increase the rate of sweating. Also, if the oil does not suit your skin, it can cause allergies and reactions to the skin.

Myth 3: No moisturizer for oily skin

It all depends on the quality of your skin and the density of the oil in your skin. If your skin is too greasy, you can go for a toner. Feel your skin after applying your toner. If you feel that the toner is doing its job well, you can skip the moisturizer. Dermatologists also state that the oil on your skin outside does not imply that your skin is well nourished on the inside. So, you can apply a light moisturizer to your oily skin.

myths about bridal skincare

Myth 4: Drink more water to cure dry skin

Fact: Drinking more water keeps your body hydrated, but there’s no research that says that it will hydrate your skin too. Hydrating and nourishing the skin is very less connected to hydrating the body and keeping the body temperatures in control. Treat your dry skin with natural moisturizers and products that nourish your skin.

Myth 5: Natural ingredients are always the best

Fact: It is often said that natural products like aloe vera, curd, etc., are best for the treatment of the skin. This is not always true. A product that is synthetic does not mean that it is harmful to the skin, and if a product is natural, it does not mean that it is beneficial for the skin. Even aloe vera does not suit all skin types. So, never trust natural products without testing.

Today, we busted 5 myths about bridal skincare. A wedding day is one of the most crucial days in a person’s life. Do not spoil your look before the big day, and dress up to your best. Take care of your skin for months and weeks like a queen. Your skincare need not be expensive, but it should be effective.

Don’t forget to consult a dermatologist if you have numerous skin problems and ask about product recommendations. Never trust public opinion and gossip around the corner. Remember, your skin can completely change your look and impression on the wedding day.