5 Myths about toxic relationships you should not fall for

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We all tend to live in a bubble where everything seems perfect and even our romantic relationship until reality finally starts kicking in. You tend to pick up hints that it might not be the best relationship you want to be in. While there are times when things go up and down with your partner and get back to normal soon after but there are times when things start going south and you don’t even recognize that your relationship has started taking a toxic turn.

But this doesn’t mean that every small problem in your relationship is an indication of a toxic relationship and this also doesn’t mean that you need to let go of some things just because you think it’s only an indication of a toxic relationship and not actually a toxic one. 

So, here is a list of some myths about toxic relationships that would help you in identifying the status of your relationship.

Myth 1: A relationship is said to be toxic only when there is physical abuse involved

5 Myths about toxic relationships

Fact: Many people out there believe that physical abuse is the only kind of abuse that can make a relationship unhealthy and toxic but haven’t you heard about mental and emotional abuse and the damage and trauma they can cause? Well, this is a myth buster for all those who feel that physical abuse is the only form of abuse that can be harmful in a relationship. In fact, emotional abuse is the worst kind of abuse to suffer from, not that physical or mental are any less, but because of the fact that it’s often not recognized or even addressed.

Myth 2: A toxic relationship involves excessive possessiveness

Fact: Where are you right now? Why didn’t you inform me about this work trip of yours? Why did you change your phone’s password? All these questions don’t make you an extra possessive person but can still make your relationship toxic. Therefore, it is not only excessive possessiveness that makes a relationship toxic but possessiveness of any kind that is based on insecurity or lack of trust can play a part in turning the relationship into a toxic one.

Myth 3: A toxic relationship keeps you unhappy all the time

5 Myths about toxic relationships

Fact: It is such a common belief that a toxic relationship is bound to keep you unhappy all the time that a lot of your friends may even suggest it as a way of checking if you are in a toxic relationship or not. But in reality, it is not true at all as a toxic relationship may even be with someone you love bringing in constant spells of happiness and excitement but this won’t kill the toxicity of your relationship if it exists in any form.

Myth 4: A toxic relationship is not passionate

5 Myths about toxic relationships

Fact: Many people believe that when toxicity creeps in, the spark and passion of the relationship leave. But the truth is the complete opposite. It is that most toxic relationships are the most passionate ones. So, just don’t commit the mistake of judging the toxicity of your relationship on the basis of the passion of the relationship.

Myth 5: A toxic relationship is always tough

Fact: It is not always true that toxic relationships become tough to handle, as toxicity is of many types and sometimes it doesn’t become tough for you or your partner but it becomes tough for the people around you to handle the toxicity you two bring together. This is one of the extreme cases of toxicity when your relationship starts affecting and bothering others and you keep ignoring it thinking it’s just a matter of conflict between two people.