5 Netflix shows that are not coming this fall

Credits: Netflix

Update your TO-DO list cause we have got a marathon to run for you! Here’s your guide to upcoming Netflix shows, release dates, and what to expect.

We know you guys have been waiting to hear about this, and here we are! Netflix is coming back with some new originals, spin-offs, prequels, and new seasons of your favorite shows, so get ready with your comfy socks and PJs for this marathon in 2024. Picking up from where you left off last time is just six months away, and we have listed out 5 Netflix shows that are NOT coming this fall right here.

Berlin (Season 1)

You guys need to get yourself a Dali mask cause we definitely are getting one for ourselves. Money Heist was hype among the viewers as they portrayed a gang of thieves taking hostages in The Royal Mint of Spain and locking themselves up in the same along with the hostages, ultimately becoming the nation’s heroes.

After the events in Money Heist, this show is solely dedicated to Andrés de Fonollosa, also known as Berlin, and will pose as a spin-off of that character only. This goes back to his golden age when he collectively planned out his most ambitious robbery in Paris along with a gang of masterminds.

Berlin is likely to release on 29 December 2023.


The Umbrella Academy (Final Season)

With the siblings coming back into the present in season 3, a new set of siblings take control over the system, ‘The Sparrow Academy’. The siblings realize that their actions in the past had resulted in forming another timeline, and Reginald had gathered ‘The Sparrow Academy’ after his bump into ‘The Umbrella Academy’ in the past.

With the siblings splitting up and Reginald’s true intentions surfacing, the cliffhangers at this point are too much to be held up. Showrunner Steve Blackman hints at resolving all the cliffhangers from previous seasons with plot development in the final one.

The siblings find themselves separated from each other in a world where their powers have vanished, and we will be finding out what happens next somewhere in mid-June 2024.


Ginny & Georgia (Season 3)

Whew! It’s difficult to catch up when Georgia has a roller-coaster ride going on. Just when Georgia reaches to her happily-ever-after and puts a ring on it along with matters resolved with Ginny, she is taken away. Arrested by the police as a suspect in murdering her ex-husband, things go back to being intangible.

What happens next? Will Ginny and Marcus get back together? Will Georgia escape this or run away AGAIN? Will Max and Silver finally start dating? Will Joe finally act on his feelings? Find out in season 3, likely to be released in the first quarter of 2024.


XO, Kitty (Season 2)

This teen drama ended with us wanting to curl up in happiness with all that cuteness. We want more! Kitty conflicting her feelings for three different people at the same time and rising above to explore herself is truly reflecting Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky.

As Kitty boards her flight, she is met with a familiar face and how! Team Min-Ho is crazy happy right now, but what happens next? Cause the last time we checked, the flight hadn’t taken off, and Dae was still in love with Kitty. Also, Kitty finds out that her mom’s first love was someone named Simon. OMG! Stream the second season already!


Wednesday (Season 2)

With Wednesday knocked out and Principal Weems dead, who’s tracking Tyler cause he’s still out there? Season 2 is likely to focus more on Wednesday’s family background and all of the relationships in the series. It is also pointed out that the series will be starting off with a leap of two years from where it left off.

The two important questions at hand right now are the stalker’s identity and the new principal. Find out as this releases around mid-2024.

Wednesday Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in July 2023