5 Netflix shows that you must watch this weekend

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Already scrolling through Netflix on what’s new to watch this weekend? Well, give your remote control a rest, as we have already come up with some excellent shows you can binge-watch. You can find a constantly-expanding list of Netflix TV series that we, the TV obsessives, recommend below. The mix includes a wide range of genres, lengths, places of origin, and other factors, yet they all share the trait of being good. Check out our list of amazing Netflix show which will make it hard for you to leave your couch this weekend.

The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix

This is the story of two friends, Sophie and Agatha. Sophie, whose life is really miserable, wants to run away from her present life. She got to know about The School for good and evil, and she applies there, trying her luck; when Agatha came to know about it, she tries to stop her from going, but somehow, she is dragged along with Sophie by the magical creature. The story takes an interesting turn when beautiful, and soft-hearted Sophie is chosen for the school’s Evil side, while unassuming Agatha is chosen for the good side. Despite the challenges posed by their divergent fortunes, they are both adamant about maintaining their connection.

Cleaning Up


There is no doubt that Korean drama always brings something amazing to watch, which is just out of the box. This series is about three female cleaning staff working at an investment company who have a really miserable life, both personal and financial. Eo Yong Mi comes up with a plan to invest in the stock market by eavesdropping on insider trading information. She shares the idea with the other two trustworthy colleagues, Ahn In Kyung and Maeng Soo Ja, in order to get important information related to the stock market. Now this will be very interesting to watch whether these cleaning ladies hit the jackpot or gets caught.

From Scratch

Looking for a heartfelt romance kinda watch? Well, then, this makes for one of the best things you can include in your weekend list. In this limited series, Zoe Saldana plays Amy, an artist who falls in love with Lino (Eugenio Mastrandrea) after meeting him in Florence, Italy. But when the couple settles in the United States and contends with family troubles, Lino struggles to find a satisfying job as a chef, and Amy’s parents disapprove of her career choice; their relationship is repeatedly put to the test. The story gets even more emotional when Amy receives the devastating news that Lino has cancer, and how she manages her life from there will be overwhelming to see.

Oni: Thunder God’s Tale

ONI: Thunder God's Tale | Official Trailer | Netflix

This Japanese anime is a great choice if you’re looking for something fresh in the anime genre. Onari, a young girl who wants to be like her family’s heroes, is set in a world with bizarre gods and monsters, all of which are found in Japanese mythology. However, before she gets the power, she must learn about what unique abilities she possesses. As the strange Oni tries to disturb her idyllic hamlet and harm the gods, tensions seem to rise.

The Watcher

You’ll want to double-check that your doors are secured, and your blinds are drawn after seeing this most recent true-crime fictionalization from Netflix. In The Watcher, a family learns about the evil entity behind them after they move into their new home.  The limited series is based on a 2018 New York Magazine article based on true events about a family who recently moved into their dream home, where they started receiving unsettling anonymous letters from a stalker known as “The Watcher.”  Yes, the Watcher and the house he watched are both real.