5 New shows and movies to watch on Netflix in May

‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 teases romance between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington
Credit: Netflix

Summer is here which means it is time for a new watchlist for evening wind-down sessions. Netflix is adding several new shows and movies to its platform this May, and we are stoked to tell you all about it.

From the controversial MCU movie Madame Webb where a paramedic is plagued with visions and is responsible for protecting three girls, to the most awaited Season 3 of the period drama Bridgerton, the streaming platform is brimming with potential favorites you must not miss. Here are five new Netflix shows that are bound to get you hooked from the first watch.

Madame Web

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Release Date: May 14 

Starring: Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, and Emma Roberts 

MADAME WEB – Official Trailer (HD)

Cassandra Web, a paramedic in New York City is suddenly plagued with clairvoyance and has distinctive epiphanies connected to her past. A past, which if revealed can change her fate for better or for worse. Cassandra’s recent psychic powers show her conclusions about future events before they take place, so she can chalk out a different path of action. She is burdened with protecting three young ladies around whom an evil force is desperately frolicking.

Expectations: While the movie could not collect well at the box office and was awarded surprisingly low ratings from distinguished critics, the concept of time and reality in itself as well as the visual effects are worth the watch. If not for the dialogue delivery, you can embody the powerful women in action on screen and the mind-boggling visual effects.

Ashley Madison: S*x, Lies and Scandal

Genre: Documentary, Crime

Release Date: May 15 

Starring: Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove, and Chad Michael Murray 

Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal | Official Trailer | Netflix

On the surface, the Ashley Madison Agency was a brilliant online dating website that provided harmless fun to its users and proved to be a safe space for married people to have extra-marital affairs. Underneath the glittery facade, the agency was keeping a heinous secret buried deep within its burrows. However, after an unfortunate incident, the site got hacked and unlocked a Pandora’s box. Out poured all the secrets and scandals that were sworn to secrecy by the Agency to all its users.

Expectations: No one was angry at the hackers, except for the 37 million users whose cheating scandals were exposed to the world, leading to several broken families and connected crimes. Ashley Madison: S*x, Lies and Scandal will yank down the deceptive curtain behind the true motive of the Agency; Life is Short. Have an Affair. The three-part documentary series will spell out the most intriguing cases of the users, detailing the case of a Christian vlogger. Expect to be befuddled!

Maestro in Blue (Season 2)

Genre: Crime, Drama 

Release Date: May 16 

Starring: Christoforos Papakaliatis, Klelia Andriolatou, and Orestis Chalkias

Maestro In Blue: Season 2 (2024) | Official Trailer - English Subs | InfoMovies

Maestro in Blue is a Greek original series where a musician named Orestis (played by Papakaliatis) ventures into Paxos, a bewildering land in Greece during the COVID-19 pandemic to organize a music festival. Along the journey to fulfill his musical desire, he meets someone and falls in love. However, as he begins investing and connecting to other people on the island, he gets mysteriously entangled in other people’s problems that might have serious consequences for him in the future and might prevent him from ever leaving Paxos.

Expectations: If you are a weakling for authentic language series that have a way of tugging at your intrigue, Maestro in Blue is the perfect watch for you. Notice as the once simple story slowly unravels deeper plots that are hard to escape.

Bridgerton: Season 3 (Part 1)

Genre: Period, Drama, Romance 

Release Date: May 16 

Starring: Nicola Coughlan, Luke Newton, and Simone Ashley 

Bridgerton Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Now for the most-awaited romantic period drama series of the season, Part 1 of Season 3 of Bridgerton has already hit the Netflix screens this Thursday! A Shonda Rhimes creation, Bridgerton Season 3 will focus on the story of the third Bridgerton brother Colin, and a societal-dubbed wallflower Penelope Featherington. After Colin’s harsh confession that he would never court Penelope, she is driven to want to find a husband for herself. Colin lends a hand to her as a friend, but while securing an eligible husband for Penelope, Colin starts to realize his feelings for her.

Expectations: Scandal, deceit, and steamy scenes are on the memo this season, and Bridgerton never disappoints regarding the holy trinity.

The 8 Show

Genre: Dark Comedy, Thriller, K-drama 

Release Date: May 17 

Starring: Chun Woo-Hee, Ryu Jun-yeol, and Lee Yul-em

The 8 Show | Official Trailer | Netflix

Based on the South Korean popularity webtoon “Money Game” by Bae Jin Soo, where several contestants are called to a reality show with a huge prize to win in the end. The catch is that several challenges must be crossed, and they are not for the faint-hearted. The said challenges breed ominous consequences that cannot be overlooked without paying a price. The real question is; just how far can a contestant go to win the prize?

Expectations: Prepare to be taken aback, mysteries to unfold, and a prize to win. Prepare to be locked in from the first episode itself.