5 New shows coming to Netflix this week

Sweet Tooth Season 3: Will there be another season or not?
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We know you all have had a long and tiring week. Your boss has not left a single chance of you having almost a heart attack. Your efforts have been recognised, and you have done enough. Now you’re looking for something to binge upon. Worry not; we have a list of 5 brand new shows on Netflix to watch this week. The platform has set upon making some new releases of web shows as well as renewing a few most-watched seasons.

These series delivers new, innovative and incredible new aspects of the shows and is providing a new way to end this Month by watching absolute fun shows.

In this article we will be talking about the upcoming 5 New Shows that you can absolutely indulge in watching this weekend and will definitely serve as a stress-buster!

The Nurse

Releasing on: April 27

Season: 1

Cast: Josephine Park, Fanny Louise Bernth, Peter Zanderson and many more…

The Nurse | Official Trailer | Netflix

This absolute fresh new show The Nurse revolves around a new Danish nurse who has been appointed to a new hospital. She grows into becoming suspicious about her new colleague’s secretive desires for wanting attention which can be related to the patient’s death. The female protagonist then gets convicted for an attempted murder upon four patients set in the Nykobing Falster Hospital. It’s a fast paced crime mystery series that is definitely a must-watch for all the crime lovers out there. 

Firefly Lane

Releasing on: April 27

Season: 2

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke, Ben Lawson and many more…

5 New Shows Coming To Netflix This Week

Firefly Lane was the most popular show that gained a lot of popularity in its first season and finally it got renewed to the second season and fans cannot wait to watch it. It’s a genre of a friendship rom-com and tells the story about the journey of the  two teenage girls who are growing all the way to their adulthood. The plot is adventures, filled with a lot of ups and downs that the two go through and will definitely make your weekend. The series is a mood uplifter for sure. 

Sweet Tooth

Releasing on: April 27

Season: 2

Cast: Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie and Stefania LaVie Owen

Sweet Tooth | Official Trailer | Netflix

The new series was released on 27th April and was the most liked show after its first season release. It is based on a boy who is half-human and half-deer who sets on an adventurous journey in a post-apocalyptic world and searches for a fresh new beginning with a gruff protector who will be accompanying him in his journey. It’s an apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic American fantasy drama that will blow your mind off in its new and renewed second season and is surely this month’s best release for people who love watching fantasy drama. 

Working Moms

Released on: April 26

Season: 7

Cast: Catherin Reitman, Philip Sternberg, Dani Kind and many more…

5 New Shows Coming To Netflix This Week
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This last and final season of Working Moms was released on 26th April and fans can’t express their sadness for this women-centric series already coming to an end. The series has gained a lot of popularity among the people who love watching comedy drama series. The show tells us about the life of the moms who juggles through their careers while trying to keep up with their new babies, balance relationships and above all themselves and how they faced the challenges with good and not-so-good humour and grace. Fans can relate with the series emotionally as well as personally and is a definite binge-watch appropriate for every age. 

The Good Bad Mother

Released on: April 26

Season: 1

Cast: Lee Do-hyun, Ahn Eun-jin, Ra Mi-ran and many more…

The Good Bad Mother | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

This series of The Good Bad Mother is currently airing every Wednesday and Thursday and is an ongoing South Korean television series. The series is based on a single mother and son duo who sets off in their journey to find true happiness. The mother being strict with her child has turned herself being labelled as a bad mother but later on after an unexpected accident with her grown up adult son, sets her to start afresh and rectify her mistakes. It has bagged a good rating and is a must-watch for the viewers out there who will be able to connect with the series and sympathise with the protagonist’s transformative journey.