5 New shows you must watch on Netflix

Credits: NETFLIX

List of series to escape the everyday!

Work has been taking so much of our time, and we are investing so little in ourselves. Entertainment is the easiest way to keep us going. The urgency to do something or the other every time can, maybe, sometimes be replaced with binge-watching your favorite shows or movies, to be specific. Why not switch on that OTT, after all, instead of scrolling through socials and just letting our shoulders down?

You know, there are times when we are so involved in sorting stuff out we miss out on the small chances to escape. All of us want to crash back home from a busy day only to change into our PJs and binge-watch something that keeps us hooked in a little weekend unwind, maybe, or something to go with our munchies.

Are you one of them, taking forever to find something new and ending up watching the same old shows on a loop? Worry no more cause we have got the perfect blend ready for you with five new shows to watch on Netflix this week!

Fatal Seduction

Released on 7 July 2023, this series is a South-African TV mystery and crime thriller. What happens when a wife falls out of her marriage only to be put to the test for love, loyalty, and lust? Who does she believe when she loses her best friend, and everyone has something to hide, something to run for?

Watch this series that grips your attention in not so seductive way!


They Cloned Tyrone

Releasing on 21 July 2023, this action comedy is the perfect mixer for your sips. A hustler, a pimp, and a pro.  Average men with an average life? Not so much! This trio is pushed into a government conspiracy by some uncanny events, and OH, we almost forgot! This science fiction has got a mystery too!

Watch them as they question the turn of events and explore themselves.


A Perfect Story

Inspired by Spanish TV comedies and books, this series is limited and will be released on 28 July 2023, so set a reminder already. It’s almost cliché if we tell you how the story starts. Margarita runs away from her own wedding, not with cold feet, though, but definitely with sneakers. She feels adrift but gets caught up in a series of adventures when she meets this new guy later.

Anyone planning a wedding here? Watch this series and find out if you relate to Margarita in more than one way!


Captain Fall

Releasing on 28 July 2023, this series is raunchy and goofy. What happens when an insignificant and unappreciated sailor becomes exactly the type smugglers are looking for? A goofy and gullible captain takes the fall for an illegal smuggling operation, except luck doesn’t come easy to him.

Watch this series as you laugh your eyes out.


Devil’s Advocate

This suspenseful Kuwaiti series is perfect if you are looking for something to be completely invested in. A determined Florida lawyer cuts her vacation short as she is needed to handle a high-profile case: an athlete accused of his wife’s murder. What happens when she attracts evidence and popular emotions while fighting demons of her own?
Watch to know more!