5 New sports documentaries to watch on Netflix

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Credit: Netflix

We have witnessed some of the finest documentaries in recent years, all thanks to the likes of The Last Dance and Drive to Survive. There are going to be more enthralling sports documentaries to come on Netflix in 2023 in relation to tennis, golf, basketball, and more.

The competition is getting better, and so is the thirst for releasing more sports documentaries, as Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon all have something or other up their sleeves. This is the perfect time to be a fan of sports documentaries. Which of these companies will come up trumps depends completely on the audience’s taste and preferences, but one thing is for sure: the competition between the streamers has made the production companies up their game tenfold.

Netflix will be looking to benefit from this situation, which will only push it to make some outstanding and amazing sports documentaries. Here are five new sports documentaries coming to Netflix.

1. McGregor Forever:

McGregor Forever | First Look | Netflix

Released on May 17, 2023, this documentary takes us into the life of renowned UFC fighter Conor McGregor. This will be his third documentary, which will be exclusively available on Netflix.

The documentary shows the highs and lows of the UFC fighter himself and what has carried him all the way to this point in his career. It shows his journey to climbing the ladder of success in his UFC career. Also, the documentary highlights the deeper history of his career, which put him in this position.

2. Tour de France: Unchained

Tour de France : Unchained | Official teaser | Netflix

The Tour de France is a highly anticipated annual sporting event that draws the attention of enthusiastic cyclists from all over the world. While the details about the upcoming documentary series are scarce, it has been confirmed that the filmmakers will be tracing the journey of eight teams as they go head-to-head in the most grueling and challenging bike race of the year. If the series is presented in a similar fashion to that of Drive to Survive, then viewers can expect a thrilling and immersive experience that brings them closer to the action. It will be released sometime in June 2023.

3. Break Point (Part Two):

Break Point | Official Trailer | Netflix

We all know by now that this documentary is going to be about tennis, as the name suggests, but the series is divided into two parts; the first came out in January 2023, and a few months later, the second part will release sometime in June 2023.

This documentary follows the lives of a select few top tennis players on and off the pitch, diving into their lives and seeing what it means to lift the trophy and become number one. Break Point takes us all into the lives of exhausting matches for Grand Slams. From emotional heartbreaks to career-threatening injuries to glorious victories, Break Point covers it all to give its audience an immersive experience.

4. Full Swing:

Full Swing | Official Trailer | Netflix

This one was released back in February 2023. Full Swing is a documentary for all golf lovers who have never seen any footage from the PGA Tour. While golf may not be the most grueling or enthralling sport of all, if seen from an entertainment point of view, it ticks all the boxes.

Full Swing is an intriguing new documentary series created by Box to Box. The series gives us an insight into the lives of professional golfers as they traverse through an intense and challenging season of competition. This includes competing in some of the biggest tournaments in the sport, such as the Masters/Augusta National, PGA Championship, US Open, and Open Championship.

The series will also give us an insight into the lives of some of the famous golfers and their families while discussing some of their famous rivalries in the competition.

5. Quarterback:

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Credit: Netflix

Releasing in the middle of 2023, this is the very first time that Netflix is teaming up with the National Football League to develop a series. Developing the series are NFL Films, Omaha Productions, and 2 PM Productions. The series will take us on the journey of three quarterbacks in the 2022 season: Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota, and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.