5 of the saddest movies on Netflix

tick tick boom
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When you are dwelling on your own existence or the outside world too much, sad films might be just what you need. Maybe it’s best to let the Nicholas Sparkses and Jean Valjeans of the world be the ones to make you feel things. Perhaps you’ve seen The Notebook so many times you’ve lost count (it’s back on Netflix! ), so you’re seeking for more depressing films to watch.

We’ve got you wrapped with a comprehensive collection of sob-inducing films to match any weepy mood. The saddest Netflix streaming movie is listed here; just make sure you have access to tissues because these films will make even an incredibly reticent weeper sniffle.

Tick, Tick… BOOM!

Identifying a Tony Award winner TICK, TICK… BOOM!, directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is a remake of the departed Jonathan Larson’s autobiographical musical that he wrote before the hugely successful Rent. The musical, which stars Andrew Garfield as Larson, is a “rock monologue” that follows the up-and-coming composer from Manhattan as he attempts to stage a workshop for the musical he created called Superbia in the run-up to his 30th birthday. Larson barely makes ends meet working as a server at a downtown diner.

Susan, a dancer who has been given a job teaching dance in the Berkshires, attempts to persuade Larson to go there while he struggles to create the last song for the musical-within-a-musical. As friends grapple with HIV-positive diagnoses, Larson’s best buddy Michael urges him to think about having a day job creating jingles.

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Beasts of No Nation

Beasts of No Nation is a contemporary African novel about a little boy named Agu who witnesses the destruction of his caring family and his tranquil hamlet by warring groups during his country’s bloody civil war. Agu, who has fled for his life and is now lost in the woods, is found by a group of armed rebel youths who are wearing camouflage. The boys are orphaned and lost, just like Agu. They are kept united by a magnetic commander known only as “Commandant,” who has made them into a “battalion” consisting of young fighters utilizing guerrilla tactics to oppose the existing regime. Agu is chosen, given training, and instructed that each enemy he will see in combat is to blame for the demise of his father.

The youngster is thrust into an unstable world of warfare where victims turn into attackers, there are no straightforward allies, and the lonely, fearful gang is brainwashed, mistreated, and used as tools by the guy who is both their rescuer and their worst adversary. The listener is led through this awful trip through Agu’s narration.

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Irreplaceable You

In Irreplaceable You, Abbie and Sam have been deeply in love since they were young children. They are now adults. He teaches college; she is a publisher. The couple is well along with wedding preparations, and things couldn’t look better. Their happiness is only increased when Abbie begins to exhibit early pregnancy symptoms.

Unfortunately, they learn Abbie is not pregnant when they go to the doctor. She has a tumor that is “tangerine-sized”. Additional testing shows that the cancer is at stage 4. Abbie’s life may be prolonged by active therapy, but the prognosis is grim. So the two set out on what would undoubtedly be their final trip together. Abbie decides to undergo chemotherapy, goes to see her mother, and takes part in a community of support.

Sam is a devoted, approachable, and eager companion. But Abbie also has other ideas in the works. She sets out to locate a lady Sam may fall in love with thereafter in an effort to relieve his misery and loss. Abbie’s plan, if nothing else, is to blame for the strife that has already erupted in the already delicate scenario. The worst part of it all, maybe, is that their relationship itself is in danger.

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The Fundamentals of Caring

At the beginning of The Fundamentals of Caring, Ben is a dejected 44-year-old writer who is struggling to accept the sad death of his kid and is reluctant to finalize his divorce. After receiving his caretaker’s certificate, he gets employment caring for a British expatriate woman and her son Trevor, a boisterously cheeky and dry-humored adolescent with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Trevor maintains a consistent schedule while his mother is at work, which includes eating Eggo Waffles, watching the Travel Channel, pining after Katy Perry, joking around with Ben, and occasionally pretending to have seizures or be choking.

Trevor’s love of strange American roadside attractions is evident in his television viewing, and one day Ben gets the lightbulb moment that he and Trevor should go on a road trip together to explore the “World’s Deepest Pit.” The journey with Trevor and Ben begins when Ben persuades Trevor’s mother to go, despite her initial reluctance. Dot, a young woman Trevor has a crush on right away, is a beautiful and tough-talking hitchhiker who claims she is traveling to Denver to begin her life following the passing of her mother. They also rescue Peaches, a compassionate pregnant woman whose car broke down.

To deal with Trevor’s emotionally apathetic father, they make a pit stop in Salt Lake City. Later, Trevor gets over his nervousness and asks Dot to go on a date, to which she agrees. Ben must deal with the devastating death of his kid along with the divorce and paperwork for divorce he has been dodging as they draw nearer to “The World’s Largest Pit” and as Trevor has developed as a result of breaking out of his boring routine.

The Fundamentals of Caring | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The Notebook

A man visits a nursing facility to read to a woman there. The plot centers on a summertime relationship between Noah, an impoverished youngster, and Allie, a child of rich parents. They adore one other dearly. She is sent to school in the north after her parents abruptly decide they must divorce. Every day he writes to her. She never speaks back. After that, he leaves to serve in World War II, and she decides to wed Lon, a gorgeous injured lieutenant. However, she notices Noah’s photo in the newspaper. He is currently renovating the house that he previously promised to turn into a place to call home for the two of them. She has to visit Noah again, despite the fact that she has barely remembered him and is content being engaged to Lon. She will then need to choose which man she truly loves after seeing him.

The Notebook (2004) Official Trailer - Ryan Gosling Movie