5 Popular shows to binge-watch on Netflix this weekend

Love Is Blind Season 5: Is it happening or not?

After a week full of rush and hustle, all of us need a good plan for the weekends to start again with the weekdays. What about a good web show or movie date with your loved ones, with popcorn or soothing coffee, and sticking to your living room couch? Isn’t that perfect?

So here, we have some of the best releases to quench your thirst for good content and experience some drama, thrill, and excitement, which will keep you refreshed from Monday to Sunday.  Read on to check the details of the Top 5 popular shows on Netflix this week.

Love is Blind

Release date: 13 February 2020

Genre: Reality television series

Rating: 7.6/10

Cast: Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, Bartise Bowden, Micah Lussier and others

Love Is Blind

Love is Blind is a popular reality show on Netflix, particularly for teenagers and young adults. This TV series was created by Chris Coelon and produced by none other than Kinetic Content. This is a show where single females and males who are looking for true love are getting engaged, all before meeting in general. If you are a big fan of Netflix reality shows like “Too Hot to Handle” and “Perfect Match”, then this show is perfect for you. 

Outer Banks

Release date: 15 April 2020 (Season 1)

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Action drama

Rating: 7.5/10

Cast: Madelyn Cline, Chase Stokes, Rudy Pankow and others

Outer Banks Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

If you are scrolling through your mobile screen and still cannot find something thrilling and adventurous, then close your eyes and blindly select this show. This show has the perfect blend of romantic twists and turns, thrilling scenes, and amazing action scenes. The show is all about how the Pogue teenagers are eager to know what’s happening with the mystery of the disappearance of John B’s father. Also, the disappearance of his father was linked to a legendary treasure hunt. To know about this mysterious story, you need to watch this show. 

Emily in Paris

Release date: 2 October 2020 (Season 1)

Genre: Romantic Comedy Drama

Rating 6.9/10

Cast: Lily Collins, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Lucien Laviscount and others 

 Emily in Paris

This is an American romantic comedy-drama based on a girl named Emily Cooper, who moved to Paris for a fresh new job opportunity as a marketing student. The plot of the story revolves around how she challenged herself with new surroundings, friends, career, and even her love life. ‘Emily in Paris’ is quite popular among teenagers and young adults, and it was created by none other than Darren Stars. If you are someone who is struggling with career, love, and happiness all at the same time, then this show is just for you. 

Better Call Saul

Release date: April 18, 2022

Genre: Tragedy, Crime Drama

Rating: 9/10

Cast: Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Michael Mando, Patrick Fabian, Rhea Seehorn

Official Season 6 Trailer | Better Call Saul

George Vincent Gilligan Jr’s Better Call Saul is perfect for those who are willing to follow their passion. Jimmy McGill wants to transform into a respectable lawyer. To excel in the field of Criminal law, he works hard and makes a reputable position. Moreover, the show is perfect for people in the age group of 18-40 years. So, this weekend, dive into various laws and the world of justice. 

Heartstopper (season 2)

Release date: 3 August 2023

Genre: Romance, Drama

Rating: 8.6/10

Casting: Kit Connor, Joe Locke, Yasmin Finney, William Gao and others



After the sensational first season, Heartstopper is back again with the warmth and comfort of a sweet romantic comedy web series. The show is about two gay school boys- Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, giving soothing visuals of love and friendship. In the new season, the couple makes their relationship official, but this comes around with lots of complications and struggles. People love the couple for their innocent yet chaotic love angle, living through turmoil. This show is a treat for you if you are into romantic, light-hearted shows.

These shows promise to entertain both devoted viewers and newbies due to their wide range of genres and captivating storytelling. So, gather your munchies, take a seat, and get lost in the world of Netflix. Prepare yourself for a unique viewing experience that will leave you wanting more. Enjoy your binge-watching!