5 Reasons to switch to cinnamon tea

Credits: pexels.com

If you are a tea lover and you need tea in all seasons, cinnamon tea can be a good choice. It can be served as a hot tea as well as an iced tea. The icing on the cake is that it tastes well in both the forms. Cinnamon has a mildly fragrant aroma and a warm sweet flavor. It induces freshness in the cup of tea.

While cinnamon is mostly famous for its health benefits, it is also used in food to enhance the flavor and add a good aroma to it. Cinnamon tea is like a win-win situation as it tastes good and is great for the body too.

It contains antioxidants

Cinnamon tea has rich oxidant content that helps protect your cells against damage caused by free radicals, fight inflammation, and prevent disease. Some harmful molecules in the body cause cell damage and might contribute to diseases like cancer and diabetes. Cinnamon contains antioxidants that fight off oxidation caused by free radicals. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent the growth of these microorganisms in the body and eradicates the risk of associated illness.


It is hydrating

Since the cinnamon tea is water-based, it is very hydrating. The water-infused cinnamon is very beneficial for the body. It also nourishes your gastrointestinal (GI) tract so that the consumed stuff flows through the system fluently. Cinnamon tea is an ideal way of consuming cinnamon as many compounds present in it are water-soluble, hence reaping the best benefits in form of tea.

It is good for women on periods

Cinnamon tea is good for women on periods as it helps with numerous menstrual symptoms. It reduces menstrual pain when consumed for the first three days of the menstrual cycle. It may also reduce other menstruation-related problems like excessive bleeding, vomiting frequency, and nausea severity during women’s periods.

It helps to lower inflammation

Cinnamon tea has high inflammatory properties that help the body. Since inflammation is said to be the cause of many diseases, cinnamon tea can help. It may also help with blood pressure control and bad cholesterol. Inflammation can also cause aches, pains, and irritation to more serious chronic conditions. It also offers protection against blood clots. Cinnamon tea lowers the chances of gas, constipation, bloating, cramping, and an upset stomach.


Other benefits

Cinnamon tea also helps in regulating blood sugar levels. The compounds present in the tea act like insulin and help in the movement of sugar from the blood to the cells of the body. It also prevents blood sugar from spiking after your meals by breaking down the carbs in your gut. Cinnamon tea may also fight skin aging and reduce acne. It also promotes blood flow making your skin look radiant and glowing all day. Cinnamon also improves brain functions and helps stimulate new neural passages. It may also affect daily concentration and focus.

Apart from direct consumption, cinnamon is also used in face masks, and scrubs, especially scalp scrubs and other skincare products as it cleans the skin and exfoliates it. It also removes the unpleasant odors.

While it is very easy to prepare a cinnamon tea, it can be made more nutritious with additions like orange, lemon, turmeric, or ginger. Cinnamon is a very powerful herb with numerous benefits. Cinnamon tea is hydrating and flavorful. It is very easy to include cinnamon tea in your diet. You can consume it in the morning or evening. If you haven’t tried this powerful beverage yet, you should not miss it.