5 Reasons why you should add mint to fruit-infused water

Source: Pexels

Fruit-infused waters are a new trend these days. It is good to add mint in infused water as it is a great way to enhance its flavor and aroma. Mint adds a lot of good qualities to the water when infused. Also, it is easy to find and use without any extra hustle. Many people also prefer mint-infused water in their daily lives to extract the best benefits from the natural leaves.

Mint is tasty and contains negligible amounts of calories and sugar, and it may even help you stay hydrated for longer. Mint leaves have been used as culinary herbs and for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Adding mint to fruit-infused water makes it refreshing and healthier. Here are 5 reasons why you should add mint to your fruit-infused water.

Good for nutrition

Fruit-infused water with mint leaves is low on calories and sugar. Mint leaves contain small amounts of some nutrients like proteins and fiber and a decent amount of minerals iron and molybdenum. Some categories of mint also contain bioactive phytonutrients that may boost your body’s overall health. Mint leaves do not contain most macro and micronutrients that are required for the body. But, it is rich in fiber which is an essential component of a balanced diet.


Infused mint has some health benefits

Within herbal medical traditions, mint has always had a good story to share. Apart from infusing mint in water, mint also distributes its benefits in the form of mint tea which is said to have some interesting health benefits. Mint leaves have strong antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other disease-fighting properties. Mint leaves have loads of benefits, but one cannot attribute them to mint water directly.

Mint-infused water is refreshing

While fruit-infused water can be created with an endless number of combinations and flavors, mint leaves can add a unique touch to them. It is like icing on the cake. Adding mint to fruit-infused water supports your metabolism, body temperature, circulation, and more. It adds an extra flavor to the water and helps you to stay hydrated.

Infused mint leaves might contribute to weight loss


As fruit-infused waters are a great way to avoid carbonated drinks that are loaded with artificial sugar, mint leaves can act as an interesting addition to it. Water is said to be a catalyst in weight loss, especially when you consume mint water in place of other higher-calorie beverages like soda and cocktails. So, adding mint leaves to fruit-infused water can make it more flavourful and aromatic, consequently making it more appealing and your go-to drink.

May support digestive health

Mint has the ability to enhance digestion and relieve stomach pain. Since mint has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help in maintaining a healthy gut and can be a natural treatment for irregular bowel. Mint can also ease the side effects of indigestion, like gas and bloating. Mint-infused water may also help to manage irritable bowel syndrome.


Are you still wondering about the possible combinations with mint leaves for infusion? Here is a quick list of suggestions with not only fruits but some other ingredients for a wider choice:

  • Cucumber and mint-infused water
  • Berries and mint-infused water
  • Citrus fruits like orange/lime and mint-infused water
  • Melon and mint-infused water
  • Rosemary and mint-infused water
  • Honey and mint-infused water
  • Turmeric and mint-infused water
  • Basil and mint-infused water
  • Coconut and mint-infused water
  • Ginger and mint-infused water


You can use any herbs, fruits, or vegetables to infuse with mint to get a rich flavor. People who consume infused mint often notice a change in their digestive system and excretion patterns. Apart from this, the aroma of mint water is said to promote alertness in the body and fight against fatigue. Its scent can also elevate your mood, making it an excellent morning drink or afternoon drink.