5 Reasons why you should start drinking matcha tea

Source: PEXELS

Are you bored with your regular ginger or cardamom tea? If yes, then it’s time to change the taste and aroma of your tea with matcha tea. Often seen as a part of restaurant menus and cafes, matcha tea has an Instagram-worthy hue and is a healthy beverage that provides a sustained energy boost along with a unique flavor profile, a plethora of culinary options, and is stocked full of health benefits.

It is a type of green tea with a unique savory taste. Matcha tea stands out from the crowd because of its robust and earthy flavor that blends well with a variety of milk, especially soy and oat. You might have read about the benefits of green tea, but some benefits are unique to matcha tea. It has a number of active nutrients, including polyphenols, caffeine, and amino acids.

Let us check out 5 reasons why you should drink matcha tea:

Helps in losing weight

If you take a close look at the ingredients of weight loss supplements, you’ll often find the term ‘green tea extracts.’ Out of all types of green teas, matcha tea is well known for its ability to enhance weight loss. It speeds up metabolism to increase energy expenditure and boost fat burning. If a person carries out moderate exercises and consumes matcha tea alongside, the fat-burning process can improve. Matcha tea is capable of reducing body weight and helping in maintaining the weight loss cycle.


Boosts brain functioning

Match tea has powerful components that could enhance brain function and improve attention, reaction time, and memory. Although a few benefits might be common to other green teas, the effectiveness may vary. Matcha tea also improves brain functioning in older people to prevent brain aging. The compounds present in matcha tea can increase alpha wave activity in the brain, which may help induce relaxation and decrease stress levels in mind.

High antioxidant contents

Matcha tea has rich plant compounds that act as natural antioxidants that help stabilize harmful free radicals. These radicals, if accumulated in the body, can cause damage to the cells and cause chronic diseases. Matcha tea has higher antioxidant content than other types of green teas that can help prevent cell damage and even lower your risk of several chronic diseases.


Protects the liver

The liver is a very important organ of the body and should not be neglected. Matcha tea is an effective food for the liver to boost its functions of flushing out toxins, metabolizing drugs, and processing nutrients. This tea helps to protect the health of the liver. Certain enzymes can get accumulated in the liver to cause damage. Matcha tea extracts can significantly reduce liver enzyme levels. It also reduces the risk of liver-related diseases.

Promotes heart health

Matcha tea protects the body against heart diseases as it is capable of reducing levels of total and “bad” LDL cholesterol in the body. Matcha tea can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. If a person consumes a well-rounded diet, matcha tea can act as a catalyst in keeping the heart healthy and protecting it from diseases. Around the world, heart diseases are one of the major causes of death, especially in the working population.


Matcha tea is easy to prepare and has a unique flavor, different from other types of green teas. It has concentrated amounts of antioxidants and useful plant compounds. Matcha tea is loaded with health benefits which makes it a must-try for all the tea-lovers out there. As the tea is simple to make, you can incorporate it effortlessly into your diet and give your day a burst of extra flavor. Matcha tea is stronger than regular teas and tastes sweeter and creamier than regular green tea.