Breaking Back: 5 Reasons why your back hurts

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Credits: Pexels

One of the most common problem people faces is back ache. This condition that many people experience at some point in their life can be related to their age or some other health issue. However, in many cases, it usually isn’t a significant issue and could only be brought on by a little muscle or ligament strain.

Often during the time of the menstrual cycle, some women face backache issues. So, it is not necessary to be on bed rest when your back hurts until it’s severe. It’s better to remain active and continue with your regular daily routines. Even if you initially experience some pain and discomfort, being physically active and exercising won’t harm you. Being active will aid in your recovery as it will help the muscles move.

Before we discuss further the reasons why your back must be hurting, let’s know some crucial details about your back. Your body’s backside is considered one of the strongest areas, and the source of much of our strength and flexibility is the spine which is also known as the backbone. It consists of 24 vertebrae, or bones, stacked one on the other. There are discs between these bones, and there are many sturdy ligaments and muscles all around them to provide support.

The facet joints are a large number of tiny joints that go from top to bottom. The spinal cord links to the brain, and through spaces between the spine’s bones, it connects to the rest of the body. The joints, discs, and ligaments in your spine age as you get old. Although the structures are still robust, it’s common for the back becomes stiffer as you age.

What causes back pain?

Poor body posture


Some people have a habit of leaning and sitting on a chair, or when they walk, their posture is always bending. It is really necessary to sit in the right posture in a good chair or recliners. Also, standing or walking for long can bring up this issue. Sometimes even sleeping in the wrong posture might lead to hurting your back.

Lack of body movement

depression 1If you rest your body for a long period of time it can cause body stiffness and weakens your muscles which results in back pain issues. It is always advised to keep your body moving after every interval in order to keep it fit and maintain healthy bone and muscle health.

Strains in muscles

backpain3Sometimes after heavy workouts, your muscles get strained, which is a common cause of sprain and muscle pain. Also, if you lift heavy weights, it can severe the issue of muscle pain if you are already dealing with the problem. Getting a massage or taking pain relief medicine can help get rid of this issue.

Health issues

bck pain 2People suffering from health issues like arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney stone, infection of the spine, etc., can lead to regular back pains. In such cases, it is best advised to seek help from a doctor for further treatment and medication.

Undergone operation

backpain 1In certain cases, people who have undergone some operations might face back pain issues. Pregnant women who had C-section delivery often complained about having lower back pain. This kind of pain might take a little time to get away permanently but in some cases, it continues to stay for a lifetime.