5 Risks of drinking soft drinks

soft drinks

There is no particular time to have a soft drink. You can have that with a subway sandwich while going to work or with a burger while coming back home. But are you doing it right? You are actually adding too many calories by consuming this sweet drink. You probably already know that soda is terrible for you, but do you really understand how bad it is to consume this fizzy sugar slurry on a daily basis?

Even though occasionally drinking soda does not always cause health issues, drinking it regularly can lead to various health issues over time, including weight gain, heart problems, strokes, liver issues, etc.

Here are some of the risks of drinking it.

Early signs of aging

soft drinks

Drinking natural fruits drink and water leaves a positive effect on your skin, but these soft drinks have a negative impact on your body which is easily reflected on your skin. You must have seen how some people who maintain a healthy lifestyle look 10 times younger than their real age whereas people who don’t count on their calories, look exactly the opposite. It’s time to give up soda for good if you want to keep your youthful appearance and good health. It has been demonstrated that the sugars and phosphates in soda speed up cellular aging. It also makes your skin dry and increases your risk for early wrinkles and fine lines.

Tooth decay

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People who consume soft drinks on a daily basis are more prone to enamel erosion due to the high acidity of the beverage as well as cavities which are caused due to increased amount of fructose syrup content and high sugar. It is said that when you drink soda, the sugars combine with the oral bacteria to produce acid. Your teeth will then experience erosion as the acid attacks them. Acids, which are present in both conventional and sugar-free drinks, can also harm your teeth.


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Drinking excessive soft drinks can be the cause of diabetes. Due to the soda’s surge in blood sugar, your liver converts the sugar to fat. Your risk factor for diabetes increases in 6 months as the fat is caused by the sugar contents present in these drinks that are stored in the liver. Artificial sweeteners may actually boost your desire for actual sugar, putting you at higher risk for diabetes.

Increase belly fat

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If you want your belly not to look similar to that of a panda then you should quit drinking soft drinks today. As blood sugar level is easily spiked by the soda’s refined sugar which is easily absorbed, this will abrupt spike in blood sugar causing the release of insulin, which quickly turns the sugar into fats around your waist. So, cutting up soda from your diet can help you lose belly fat.

Increase in unhealthy eating habits


Drinking soft drinks arises the urge to eat more. When you buy a burger, you can’t finish it without having a sip of chilled soda drink. That is why bad eating habits and these soft drinks are closely related to each other. So, by quitting these sweet harmful drinks you can be close to a healthy life.