5 Shows like NCIS that you must watch

Criminal Minds Season 16: Everything We Know So Far
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Are you a fan of NCIS? This American police procedural television series has been winning hearts for years. With the intensity of criminal cases growing with each upcoming season, the show picks up new audiences to join the big fan crowd of NCIS. This is one of the most loved series of recent times where some people are bored of watching rom-coms and adventures.

With Season 19 of NCIS ending in May 2022, the public is demanding further seasons of the television series.

While we wait for the fresh season of NCIS, let’s have a look at some shows like NCIS that you must watch

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is undoubtedly a must-watch for all the NCIS fans out there, as this show is all about investigations. This show has spanned 15 hit seasons with three spin-offs. The members of the crew always follow the scientific evidence to get to the bottom of who committed the crime of the week. With each new episode comes new suspense and drama as each episode introduces audiences to different techniques for gathering and analyzing that evidence, a first at the time. Certain features of the show make it outstanding from any other typical police procedural show.

The Rookie

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Available in four seasons, The Rookie is all about John Nolan, who is a 40-year-old man. The man dreams of being a police officer and then decides to pursue it in the Los Angeles Police Department. You might get surprised to know that this show is actually based on a true story of a man William Norcross, who moved to Los Angeles in the mid-40s to join the Los Angeles Police Department. Available on Hulu, The Rookie, as said already, is about John Nolan. The real person, William, is an executive producer on the show. There is an old fact about this man – before joining the Los Angeles Police Department, he had a construction company in Pennsylvania.


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This is old but worth watching. JAG stands for Judge Advocate General. It can be more fun for those who are not aware of the fact that JAG is the parent show of NCIS. It follows the lawyers of the JAG corp as they investigate and try military crimes. Set up in Washington D.C., it also talked about the exploits of judge advocates. Basically, the JAG corps are lawyers who are commissioned officers and work as the legal arm of the Navy. The unique chemistry between Bell and Elliott provides some extra emotional zing to the show. When was NCIS born out of JAG? In its eighth season, NCIS was born as a two-part backdoor pilot that introduced Gibbs and his team on the screen. The show JAG brings up big glossy action to our screens. You can hope on to Amazon, Paramount+ or iTunes to watch this amazing show.

Hawaii Five-0

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With 10 hit seasons, this reboot of the cop show from 1968 aired on CBS from 2010 to 2020. It revolves around Detective Steve McGarrett, who returns to Hawaii to investigate his father’s murder. In the middle of this, he starts a specialized public safety task force that operates with basically no restrictions to weed out crime on the islands. This show follows the teamwork and strategy where Steve’s team investigates everything from terrorism to kidnapping to simple robberies.

Criminal Minds

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Another loved CBS show with 15 Seasons is Criminal Minds, a dark procedural show. It focuses on a group of FBI criminal profiles known as the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). There is a group of criminal profilers who profile some of the most notorious crimes imaginable in hopes of catching the people who committed them. The characters of the show juggle between having normal personal lives and tracking down the most dangerous and disturbing serial killers. This dark criminal show is available on Paramount+.

Apart from all the possible recommendations for more police procedural shows, you must watch the show’s spin-offs set in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Hawai’i. If you love NCIS for its narrative, themes, structure, and tone, then these spin-offs are a must-watch for you. The first spin-off was based in Los Angeles. It premiered in 2009 following an elite team from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Office of Special Projects, which involves undercover assignments.

The next spin-off came up in 2014 that followed a team of NCIS agents investigating country crimes involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel in and around the city of New Orleans. In 2021, the public witnessed the third spin-off that stars Vanessa Lachey as the first woman to be named a special agent in charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor. So, these spin-offs are a must-watch for all the NCIS fans while they wait for Season 20 to roll out on the screens.