5 Shows like Virgin River that you must watch

shows like Virgin River
Credits: Netflix

Did you fall in love with Virgin River Season 4? Of course, yes, that shouldn’t be a question at all. While you wait for Season 5, we are sure you are in dire need of some similar entertainment. And if you are a fan of comedy dramas or romance, well, we are here to provide you with a list of shows that are equally exciting as Virgin River, if not more.

While you may feel that Virgin River Season 4 is unmatchable and unbeatable, these shows, too, will teleport you to a comfortable space where you can binge-watch them and anticipate the new season of your favorite season with even more excitement.

Here are 5 shows like Virgin River that you must watch.

Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin

The first and the foremost similarity in both shows is that they both have the word Virgin in them. It’s also filled with comedy drama which is another similarity between the shows and for that reason you’d love the show. Jane The Virgin is about a girl who gets artificially inseminated by mistake when she goes for a health checkup. Later on, she gets to know that the father of the child is his boss and it’s his last chance to be a father ever. After she becomes the mother, it gets difficult for her to choose either her boyfriend who she has been with for about two years, or the father of her child. As the series progresses, the plot shifts its focus to the writing career of Jane when the child has become a toddler and also to the lives of her family members along with self-realization.

This Is Us

This Is Us | Season 1 Trailer | FOX Home Entertainment

This Is Us is one of the most loved shows on NBC. You better grab a box of tissues before watching this fantastic and beautifully crafted family drama series as it is going to make you cry a lot. The series focuses on the lives of a couple and their three children more over periods. It was first aired on NBC in the year 2016 and concluded its final season in January 2022. It consists of six seasons which have 106 episodes. It has received a positive response from the critics and audience from the first season until its last.

Gilmore Girls

shows like Virgin River

Gilmore Girls is a witty comedy-drama about a single mother Lorelai, who is just 32 years of age, and her teenage daughter Rory. Lorelai got pregnant at 16 by her then-boyfriend, which added much more ignorance from her parents than when she wasn’t pregnant. She moves away with her newborn daughter to a small town in Connecticut to start afresh but has to take help from her parents for Rory’s education which they agree to pay on the condition that Lorelai and Rory have to come to their house every Friday night for dinner for which she agrees. The show moves forward with discussions and realizations about all the issues the family has had in the past. It’s a must-watch for people who loves to see shows based on family and life.


Maid is Netflix’s miniseries which is based on a book by Stephanie Land. The miniseries depicts the struggles of a woman when she breaks up with her abusive boyfriend to provide for her daughter. She starts cleaning the houses for the Value maids. Her dream is to be a writer but does she become a writer able to live a good life? Well, you would have to watch this drama created by Molly Smith Meltzer.

Sweet Magnolias

shows like Virgin River

This show has romance and drama in abundance. It is based on the novels of the same name and is written by Sherryl Woods. It consists of 2 seasons which have 20 episodes, 10 each. The series is based on the lives of Maddie, and her two best friends Dana Sue Sullivan and Helen Decatur. Maddie is left with her three children to take care of when his husband cheats and divorces her for his pregnant girlfriend.  Dana decide decides to open a spa where Maddie will be the manager. It also focuses on the lives of Dana who is a chef and owns a restaurant and Helen who is a lawyer.