5 Shows to binge-watch this weekend

5 Shows to binge-watch this weekend
Credits: HBO

Over the past decade, the concept of mass consumption has ricocheted to such an extent that bingeing your favorite series is not a thing of luxury anymore. It has been subjected as a driving factor of one’s way of living that cannot be separated anymore. It implies that before mass consumption and binge-watching your favorite series was a thing, people’s way of passing their weekend was to go on road trips, clubbing, plan get-togethers or just go out on a long night walk. Not that we are hinting we have regressed or even progressed by making our lives technologically inclusive; we are just focusing upon the paradigm shift that our lives have taken over the past decade.

With that said, if you’re one of those whose idea of spending a weekend involves Netflix and chill, and are wondering what to watch, you have come to the right place. We have collected for you the top 5 shows you can watch this weekend.

Top 5 shows to binge-watch this weekend

1. Ms. Marvel (2022)

Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel | Official Trailer | Disney+

Created by Bisha K. Ali, Ms. Marvel adds more ethnic diversity to the MCU. Featuring Iman Vellani as its first Muslim superhero, Ms. Marvel showcases Kamala Khan dealing with the conventions of a high school student and the unconventional of being a superhero. According to the Collider staff, “Ms Marvel masterfully combines a relatable coming-of-age tale with the grand suspense and action we’ve come to expect from Marvel.”

It is available for streaming on Disney+.

2. Squid Game (2021 – Present)

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

If your week left you too bored and exhausted and you want your weekend to be more adventurous, Squid Game is a solid watch. Created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game is a chilling Korean series that will undoubtedly leave you perched on the edge of your seats. The frightening thriller follows the life of a group of people who find themselves a part of a deadly, violently exaggerated children’s games; if you lose, you die. Featuring Lee Jung-Jae and Park Hae-soo, Squid Game ricocheted to become an international phenomenon that aptly depicted class inequalities.

It is available for streaming on Netflix.

3. The Umbrella Academy (2019-present)

The Umbrella Academy | Official Trailer | Netflix

Created by Steve Blackman, The Umbrella Academy features actors like Elliot Page, Tom Hopper, and David Castaneda. It follows the life of 43 women who simultaneously gave birth on October 1, 1989. The catch is none of the women showcased any signs of pregnancy before childbirth. The show begins with the reunion of the estranged siblings as adults in the present day.

Subsequently, it follows how they unlearn Hargreeves strict parenting style and how they stop the apocalypse from happening in eight days. All this is happening in secret, hiding from the top-secret time travel agency whose sole purpose is to maintain the equilibrium of the timeline.

According to Collider staff, “The Umbrella Academy’s story maintains its uniqueness in a world saturated with on-screen heroes, and the series will have you coming back for episode after episode to see what chaos the dysfunctional Hargreeves crew find themselves in next.”

It is available for streaming on Netflix.

4. The Wheel of Time (2021-Present)

The Wheel Of Time – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Created by Rafe Judkins, The Wheel of Time is based on the titular book series written by Robert Jordan. The Wheel of Time is an epic fantasy series that stars Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, and Zoe Robins.

The series follows the life of Moiraine, who is on a quest to discover the identity of a powerful channeller, Dragon. He is prophesied to be the one who boasts powers of saving the world from the Dark One or even demolishing it to ashes. On her quest, she narrows down to five young villagers, which subsequently turns all of their lives topsy-turvy. Constituted in eight episodes, the viewers soon infer the juxtaposition of light and dark in the series.

It is available for streaming on Prime Video.

5. Euphoria (2019-present)

EUPHORIA Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Zendaya New HBO Series HD

This one must have been noticed by you without fail. If you have already watched it, kudos to you, but who said that you couldn’t watch Euphoria twice? You cannot miss a second to be euphoric, can you?

For those who haven’t watched it yet, Euphoria is created by Sam Levinson. Euphoria is based upon the titular Israeli television miniseries. It follows the life of a group of teens who are dealing with the typical trials and tribulations of being in a high school.

For obvious reasons, Euphoria does not just deal with unrequited love and crushes; it dives deeper into the world of teenhood. It deals with drugs, sex, murder, relationships, identity crisis, and so forth. Narrated by Ruby “Rue” Bennett, who has just come out of rehab but cannot control herself from having more. Her role is reprised by the all-favorite Zendaya.

Above everything else, this show aptly depicts the struggle to survive in the world and how difficult it is, especially for women, to make their place when they are young, naive, and open to new experiences. With a euphoric soundtrack and commendable performances by the actors, Euphoria will keep you craving for more.

It is currently streaming on HBO Max.