5 Shows to watch after Stranger Things

Locke and Key Season 3: Release date, Filming wrapped, and more updates about the next season
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Stranger Things was a hit the moment it was released in 2016. Its 80’s vintage aesthetic was a pure delight apart from the classic horror plot that proved to be indelible. From its eye-appealing cinematography, the thrilling horror adventures to its heart-thumping soundtrack, Stranger Things was an all-in-one. It almost makes one believe that there is no other show as binge-worthy and thrilling as this one. Almost.

With the recent release of Season 4, fans are also speculating about the making of season 5. Its creators, Ruff and Matt Duffer, who are otherwise known as The Duffer Brothers, confirmed its fifth season, which will be set in Hawkins. So, fans buckle yourself up because you’ll be in for a good ride in Season 5!

But, the new season won’t be released any time soon. So, instead of re-watching its previous seasons as you would do, why don’t you explore things like Stranger Things? Who knows, you might even like that. Here is a list of the five best shows that you can watch after Stranger Things to still be in that zone.

 List of shows to watch after Stranger Things:

  1. Locke and Key

Locke and Key

Starring Connor Jessup, Darby Stanchfield, Jackson Robert Scott, Petrice Jones, Laysla De Oliveira, Emilia Jones, and Griffin Gluck, the series was modeled on Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s comic book of the same name. After her husband’s murder, Rendell Locke, his wife takes her three children to their family house, Keyhouse, Massachusetts. In the house, the children unravel the mystery of keys that open various doors, be it physical or supernatural. Packed with thrilling adventures and a tete-a-tete with a demon, the two seasons of Locke and Key could be the best alternative to Stranger Things.

  1. Dark


As the name suggests, this one is darker than Stranger Things. Not only darker, but more confusing, mind-boggling, but equally, perhaps more exciting. The series opens with a child suddenly vanishing from the town and appearing in a different time. If you are a fan of time travel, you will surely love this one. It is not as easy and simple as you read. So, if you like both time travel and puzzles, then you will surely love this one. The 26-episode series is shot in the German language with three seasons all on Netflix.

  1. I Am Not Okay With This

I am not okay with this

Also on Netflix, I Am Not Okay With This is a coming-of-age dark comedy that centers around a girl who discovers that she has telekinetic powers. Since she is a teenage girl, this series is not only about her powers and how she uses them, but it also includes her emotions, sexual identity, her school life, etc. The series is modeled on the comic book saga by Charles Forsman.

  1. Zone Blanche (Black Spot)

Zone Blanche

Zone Blanche is a French-Belgian thriller set in a small town that begins with a spike in the murder rate. The prosecutor who is appointed for this case unveils the suspense that the forests of this town hold that interpolates with the life of the head of the local police. Sounds quite mysterious and thrilling right? It is. Although at first, it might seem like a crime drama, it is interwoven with supernatural and mythological elements that add more allure to the show.

  1. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

If you haven’t watched this one after Stranger Things, then you’re missing out on a big one right here. Twin Peaks was created by Mark Frost and David Lynch, revolving around FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and Harry Truman, the local sheriff who are investigating the murder of a girl.

The series was originally released in 1990 but was terminated in 1991. However, in 2017, the creators decided to release its third season. Starring Kyle MacLachlan, Madchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, Richard Beymer, Michael Ontkean, Lara Flynn Boyle, Warren Frost, and Peggy Lipton, Twin Peaks is one of the best alternatives to Stranger Things.

These are the five best shows that you can watch to re-live the horror after watching Stranger Things. Although nothing can top the allure of Stranger Things, it is always prudent to explore new series and get a new perspective.