5 Shows to watch if you loved Prodigal Son

prodigal son
Credits: FOX

While we’re still upset that Prodigal Son was canceled, that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the show. Here are five comparable programs to watch. After two seasons, Prodigal Son was abruptly canceled. While the show’s second season wasn’t as successful as the first, we should note that it moved to Tuesday nights—a night that hasn’t been terrific for FOX in a long time. In reality, numerous series had moved to Tuesdays before it had been canceled, including Lucifer and The Gifted.

You’ve probably seen both seasons several times. You now require more shows like that. The good news is that there are plenty of excellent solutions accessible.

Killing Eve

On our list is the British series Killing Eve. It follows Eve, a British intelligence agent charged with apprehending an assassin. She, like Malcolm Bright, isn’t hesitant to work off the books when necessary. Eve is also obsessed with assassins. She gets caught up in a cat-and-mouse game with her victim, and occasionally Eve herself the prey and must find a way out. While the series’ conclusion may be frustrating for some, the events leading up to it are well worth seeing.

Killing Eve: Series 2 | OFFICIAL TRAILER - BBC

Vienna Blood

Vienna Blood is another period drama that is well worth seeing. This one features Max Liebermann, a Sigmund Freud student who utilizes his expertise in psychology to assist in solving local crimes. Detective Rheinhardt is unimpressed with the concept of a novel approach to police work. However, he quickly realizes that Max is capable of achieving outcomes. It’s exciting to witness how their connection develops as Rheinhardt becomes more accepting of Max’s eccentricities.

Vienna Blood: Trailer | BBC Trailers


Dexter blazed its way into small-screen notoriety before going entirely off the rails with an extremely polarising climax. Dexter is an exceptionally unusual series with an intriguing narrative, some diabolical narration, and a number of exciting cases during its 8-season span. Dexter Morgan is the main character in the narrative. On the surface, he appears to be an everyday person working for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter analyst. Only when he’s not working he spends his time pursuing and executing criminal guys who elude the legal system. Dexter, a serial killer who only targets evil, is a drama that combines an unsettling amount of fear with a plethora of interesting stories.

Dexter (2006) Official Trailer | Michael C. Hall SHOWTIME Series

Lie To Me

Lie To Me uses its unique hook to excellent use over its three seasons, thanks to a surprising amount of comedy and a premise that seems very similar to The Mentalist. The plot centers around Dr. Cal Lightman, who teaches a body language course and makes money from it. Cal has an equally talented closest friend Dr. Gillian Foster. She is a behavioral psychologist, and the two of them founded The Lightman Group. This freelance consulting business is then retained by a variety of high-profile customers, including the FBI and the secret service. Lie To Me is an intriguing, well-written novel that is jam-packed with intriguing situations.

LIE TO ME - Trailer Promo

Bates Motel

In Prodigal Son, we get a look at what can make someone a serial killer. We see Malcolm Bright try everything he can not to become like his father, and there is a moment where his sister shows signs of being just like her father, too. Well, Bates Motel gives us a look at what happens when someone doesn’t try to stop themselves. The series is a prequel to the movie Psycho. It follows a young Norman Bates, who is going through a slow descent into madness. The trigger seems to be his father’s death and his mother, Norma, taking him to Oregon. All Norma wants to do is save her son, but is it possible?

Bates Motel: Series Finale - Official Trailer | A&E