5 Shows to watch on Hulu this weekend

5 Shows to watch on Hulu this weekend
Credits: Hulu

We have had enough of Netflix and chill! We should also mull over Prime and party or Hulu and happiness. Despite Netflix being the primary preference of the world to watch any show or movie, Hulu has garnered its own dedicated audience, streaming some of the most critically acclaimed hits along with underrated favourites that promise depth in the story like no movie or show ever can.

If you’re wondering what you can watch on Hulu, then you’ve come to the right place. Below-mentioned is the list of the five best shows you can watch on Hulu this weekend to make it more exciting.

5 Shows to watch on Hulu this weekend

1. The Handmaid’s Tale

THE HANDMAIDS TALE Season 1 TRAILER (2017) Hulu Series

Based upon the titular novel by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale has garnered quite a reputation for imagining a dystopian totalitarian society as a future of America, called Gilead. The series centres around a fertile woman, June, who passes her life as a concubine to a Gileadan officer and his wife. Caged like a bird, she is forced to submit to their rules and regulations; however, she hopes to fly away and be free to reunite with her daughter. 

Here’s the official synopsis of The Handmaid’s Tale:

 “A woman forced into sexual servitude struggles to survive in a terrifying, totalitarian society.”

2. Only Murders in the Building 

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 | Trailer | Hulu

Released in 2021, Only Murders in the Building follows the life of three neighbours who are obsessed with true crime drama. In order to involve crime drama in their real lives, they join investigative forces to solve an actual murder in their building. A concoction of crime and comedy, the series becomes more compelling with a legendary cast that includes Steve Martin in the role of Charles, Martin Short in the role of Oliver, and Selena Gomez in the role of Mabel.

Bagging two seasons already and a third one potentially arriving on Hulu in 2023, Only Murders in the Building has risen to be one of the most anticipated shows owing to its exciting plotline and compelling actors.

3. Fargo

Fargo Official Trailer #1 - Steve Buscemi Movie (1996) HD

A drama series with dark humour in an insane combination. Nonetheless, viewers have found solace in it and have been binging such shows relentlessly. Fargo is definitely one such show. It is an American dark comedy crime drama that is written and directed by Noah Hawley. This highly acclaimed drama series is an anthology that is set in a specific time, place, and story with mostly new cast members. Though there had been minor overlaps, otherwise each season always had something new to offer. One more thing to note is that each of the four seasons, as of now, carries slight references to the other films of the Coen brothers.

Since each of them had its respective timelines, the story appears different. For instance, Season 1 was set in Minnesota and Noth Dakota within time frame of January 2006 to February 2007. In Season 2, we find another set of Minnesota, Noth Dakota, and South Dakota but in the year March 1979. The third season is again set in Minnesota, primarily, but around 2010 and 2011. Season 4, however, is set in Kansas City and its time span is 1950 to 1951. 

4. Tell Me Lies

Tell Me Lies | Official Trailer | Hulu

Based on a 2018 titular novel by Carola Lovering, Tell Me Lies is an American drama created by Meaghan Oppenheimer. Released on September 7, 2022, Tell me Lies follows a relationship between Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco, spanning eight years after meeting for the first time in college. Recently, in November 2022, the series was also renewed for a second season. Here’s the official synopsis of the same:

“Bree attempts to lose her virginity. Stephen goes to New York City for the weekend, while Lucy tries to figure out where their relationship stands.”

5. Ramy Season 3

Ramy | Season 3 Trailer | Hulu

A comedy-drama show that follows the life of a first-generation American Muslim, Ramy heralded a slew of critical acclaim and was successful in gaining a lot of traction. Bagging three seasons, its latest instalment follows the lives of the Hassan family, who are Egyptian immigrants settled in New Jersey. The series portrays their attempts to adjust to their surroundings and the United States.

The official synopsis of the season, according to Hulu, reads:

“The series follows first-generation, Egyptian-American Ramy Hassan (Youssef) and his family as they navigate spirituality in their politically-divided New Jersey neighbourhood. Ramy continues to bring a new perspective to the screen as it explores the challenges of what it’s like to be caught between a religious community that believes life is a moral test, and a millennial generation that doubts an afterlife even exists. In the third season, his family is forced to confront having lived a life dedicated to worldly concerns — and in some cases, lies — while Ramy all but abandons his spiritual journey, instead dedicating himself to him and his uncle’s diamond business.”