5 Shows you must watch if you enjoyed Young Sheldon

5 shows to watch if you enjoyed Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon has to be one of the most successful spin-offs. 

The show revolves around Sheldon Cooper, a young genius whose adult life had already been introduced to the audience in The Big Bang Theory. In 1989, Sheldon Cooper, then nine years old, skipped four grades in order to enroll in high school. The show portrays the unique challenges faced by Sheldon for being socially awkward and a bit different from other children his age. 

Coming to an end after six seasons in 2022, Young Sheldon made fans look for a show with a similar theme. We are here to solve the problem. 

Here’s a list of 5 shows you would enjoy if you loved Young Sheldon

1. The Big Bang Theory

5 shows to watch if you enjoyed Young Sheldon

This is definitely a unique situation where the prequel of a show releases before the original season. Though Young Sheldon is a spin-off from The Big Bang Theory, it serves as a continuation of Sheldon’s life, giving it a sense of prequel. Once a show ends, fans are always curious as to finally what happens to the main character(s) beyond the ending of the show. 

In the case of Young Sheldon, we fortunately can. The Big Bang Theory, which served as the inspiration behind Young Sheldon, is available on Netflix in some regions to stream. The Big Bang Theory gives pleasure in seeing adult Sheldon make nuanced comments about moments from his upbringing that are later shown on Young Sheldon. Both programs complement one another.

The Big Bang Theory first aired in September 2007 and lasted for 12 seasons ending in May 2019.

2. The Goldbergs

5 shows to watch if you enjoyed Young Sheldon

The Goldbergs is an ongoing TV series that is set in the 1980s, with later seasons stretching into the 1990s, and each episode has a nostalgic vibe as the Goldberg family struggles with difficulties and numerous pop cultural events from those years.

An adult version of the youngest son Adam, who is portrayed as part of another middle-class family with three children, serves as the story’s protagonist and narrator. Adam is a socially awkward nerd who hates sports and gym class while loving Star Trek and Star Wars. Sounds a little familiar? With storylines based on the creator’s actual childhood, the show is more eccentric than Young Sheldon.

All 9 seasons of The Goldbergs are available on Hulu for anyone to watch. The Goldbergs Season 10 is set to release on September 21, 2022.

3. Scorpion

5 shows to watch if you enjoyed Young Sheldon

Unlike Young Sheldon, Scorpion isn’t a sitcom. But the concept of genius people who are socially awkward coming together to save lives makes it a great choice for Young Sheldon fans. 

Walter O’Brien finds himself falling for Paige. Though usually Paige wouldn’t be into someone like Walter, his ability to connect with her son Ralph impresses her. Walter is the only person who can communicate with Ralph, who is initially assumed to be unstable. Walter learns that Ralph is merely a kid prodigy who is upset with his inability to relate to others.

Scorpion is available on Amazon Prime Video for streaming.

4. Everybody Hates Chris

5 shows to watch if you enjoyed Young Sheldon

Everybody Hates Chris is a series based on comedian Chris Rock’s childhood. The show is set in the 1990s. The show focuses on the difficulties a child has to encounter for not being one of the popular kids. It also touches on issues like race and cast, providing a distinct viewpoint from the same time period as Young Sheldon.

All four seasons of Everybody Hates Chris are available on Hulu. 

5. Fresh Off The Boat

5 shows to watch if you enjoyed Young Sheldon

Evan, the youngest son on Fresh off the Boat, attempts to blend in with his eccentric family despite being very different from them in that he is extremely brilliant, does well in school, and doesn’t like to disobey the rules. This is similar to how Sheldon does. Eddie and Emery, his older siblings, are funny, active, and well-liked. But they consistently band together to support one another.

An earlier Eddie served as the story’s first narrator and told tales from the early years of the show’s executive producer, renowned chef Eddie Huang. The program is also a 1990s-era period comedy.

Fresh Off The Boat is available on Hulu for streaming.