5 Side effects of drinking hot water on an empty stomach

Source: PEXELS

Did we just say ‘side effects of drinking hot water’? Yes, drinking hot water can also have side effects, like its magical health benefits. Think before you take a sip of hot water from your glass. Water is essential for the body as it makes up a major portion of the human body. Water can be consumed at room temperature, chilled or warm.

If you drink hot water daily, here is something you must check out. Below, you can check why drinking hot water may be harmful and how to avoid it. Here are the 5side effects of drinking hot water on an empty stomach:


Hot water can cause scalding

Drinking hot water can cause internal scalding. With the consumption of excessive hot foods or hot water, laryngeal burning injuries may occur. When the hot water comes in contact with the internal skin, the cells can get damaged by the unbearable heat. This extreme heat can also cause extensive damage to the tissue. Some people consume hot boiling water for weight loss. This can even cause third-degree burns on the internal surface of the body, damaging the entire depth of the skin.


Hot water may have more contaminants

Hot water is often said to be decontaminated. But hot water might also contain contaminants. Boilers or tanks that are used to heat water in hot water systems contain metallic parts. With the rising temperature, they can corrode and contaminate the water they contain. In hot water, these contaminants may get dissolved faster than in cold water.

Hot water may damage the esophagus

The esophagus is a muscular tube that is sensitive to heat. As the food and liquid move from the mouth toward the stomach, it passes through the esophagus. With excessive heat, the esophagus may get damaged. This can have long-term effects on the body as the esophagus may take time to get treated, and the walls can also develop ulcers. With the tongue scalding, hot water can also cause damage to other parts like teeth, esophagus, etc. Extreme hot temperatures can also lead to sensitivity in the teeth.


Hot water can burn the taste buds

As hot water can cause tongue scalding, it can also damage the taste buds. Beverages like tea and coffee, when served hot, often damage the taste buds of the tongue. This not only hinders the sense of taste but also gives an unusual feeling on the surface of the tongue and the internal skin of the mouth. Hot water can also lead to other damages like lip burns and sensitivity.

Hot water can increase the consumption of tea or coffee

Some people choose to consume green tea or coffee in order to bring hot water consumption into their daily habits. If this happens, a person must realize that along with hot water, the caffeine intake also rises. With coffee and tea, the person will start consuming more caffeine and might face bad health consequences. Hence, a person must choose to drink plain hot water rather than combine it with tea or coffee.


A person must always drink hot water at a proper temperature that is not too hot to drink. Water, when consumed at the proper temperature and in adequate quantities, can lead to amazing health benefits. Keeping the above side effects in mind, a person should choose when to drink hot water and what’s the correct way of consuming it.