5 Signs you are emotionally exhausted

Emotional exhaustion
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Picture this. Every day you force yourself to give a smile to your colleagues, family and friends. Attending social event, listening to chit-chat of people seems like doing a priceless favor and you’ve forgotten how to comfort someone. If this is the scenario, then higher are the chances you are emotionally exhausted.

Emotional exhaustion refers to the state when negative overwhelming emotions start affecting the present and day to day professional and personal life of an individual. Being one of the signs of burnout, emotional exhaustion is a result of accumulated stress from different areas of life.

Emotional exhaustion

An individual may feel emotionally drained, overwhelmed, fatigued and lethargic and run away from problems and even face difficulty in controlling the problem. Furthermore, emotional exhaustion can even lead to burnout, high risk of heart disease, low immunity, weight gain, insomnia, premature ageing, anxiety and later on depression.

Emotional exhaustion

There are a lot of factors that cause emotional exhaustion. Personal, friendly, professional and intimate relationships being one reason and other factors depend on an individual’s tolerance for stress. emotional exhaustion

Our bodies respond whenever there is something wrong. When an individual is emotionally exhausted, he or she may show signs of being apathetic, emotionally unavailable, cynicism or pessimism, dread, depressed, Frustrated, envious, fearful, doubtful, angry, overwhelmed, and annoyed. It is very important to take a detox from work, social gatherings, and social media in order to heal from emotional exhaustion. Furthermore, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and benzodiazepines medicine is provided as a treatment for emotional exhaustion.


It is very important to keep mental health in check as emotional exhaustion can disrupt smooth functioning of life and affect the overall health of the body. Here are the five elaborated signs you’re emotionally exhausted.

Constant mood changes

Constant mood change

Do you feel that your mood changes frequently and without any reason and all of that is negative and leads to frustration? If yes, then higher are the chances that you are emotionally exhausted. Emotional exhaustion affects an individual’s mood. Most of time an individual may find him/her stuck in a situation and find it very difficult to draw a conclusion and get out of it. As a result, feelings of anger and frustration build up. And mostly an individual perceives the situation negatively. So, when emotionally exhausted an individual may experience different emotions excluding happiness. Some of the most common emotions to name are anger and irritability, anxiety, apathy, depression, pessimism, etc.

Feeling of detachment

Feeling of detachment

Did you go from a chirpy, comforting and a ray of sunshine human to someone who does not care at all no matter what? If yes, then this is the biggest sign. In order to run away from negative thoughts, detachment works like coping mechanism. An individual suffering from emotional exhaustion is often found to be running away from serious issues and emotional conflicts.

Having no motivation to do anything

No motivation to do anything

Does your work feel like a burden, and you want to spend entire day doing nothing? The cause of such lethargy and de-motivation can be emotional exhaustion. Because of the stress and responsibilities of job an emotionally exhausted person can struggle more. Apart from that loss of interest from activities can lead to a feeling of demotivation. As a result, an individual may not do activities that he or she enjoyed before.

Feelings of cutting away all ties

cutting away all the ties

Do you feel like running away from all of the attachments. Spending time with family, friends and loved one feels like a big deal whereas staying alone brings peace? If yes, then emotional exhaustion can be the reason behind it. An emotionally exhausted individual seeks isolation in order to detach. And as an individual’s mind is full of pessimistic thoughts, he or she fears judgment from others. As a result, having a connection with friends, family and even relationship can lead to a state of burn-out as all of these connections requires dedication and accountability.

You are impatient


Are you losing your patience and getting hyper in completing even smallest task? A person who is emotionally exhausted tends to do that. As emotional exhaustion leads to physical exhaustion, an individual may feel the need to do the task as soon as possible and leave the workplace and hit the bed. Furthermore, as the negative emotions take charge of the mind, it is more likely that an individual might get hyper while doing these activities.

Mentioned above are the five elaborated symptoms of emotional exhaustion. But it is always advised to seek counselling and professional help and not self-diagnose as self-diagnose can even be wrong and lead to worsening of the condition.