5 Signs your relationship has lost its spark

Signs your relationship has lost spark
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Every relationship has a beginning period or the honeymoon phase where you are always high on this exotic feeling called love and you and your partner have that spark lightning fiercely between you. What is this spark? It is the excitement, the feeling of surreal joy and happiness that you feel whenever you are with your loved one. Remember that feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you get to meet them after a long time? Yes, that’s a spark.

This spark and feeling start diminishing in many relationships after a certain period of time. Here are some signs that your relationship has lost its spark and you need to get it back:

1. Your partner has stopped putting efforts

Signs your relationship has lost spark

Constant efforts are very important in any relationship and if your partner is no longer putting efforts to make you feel special and worthy and not supporting you when you’re in need of it, your relationship has lost the spark. If your partner used to be very excited about the plans of spending time together and now, does not seem interested in any plans, you need to talk to him or her and try to rekindle the old love and excitement.

2. You are finding it difficult to communicate

Signs your relationship has lost spark

Communication is the key to a mature and healthy relationship. One of the most important signs that your partner is losing interest in your relationship is when your partner becomes lazy and reluctant about maintaining proper communication. Remember when you used to text and call each other many times a day and couldn’t sleep without saying good night to them, well, of course, some of this excitement is bound to disappear once you are in a long-term relationship but if your partner is constantly dodging your calls and texts and rarely calls you back, you need to talk to them and have the matter cleared.

3. No physical and emotional intimacy

Signs your relationship has lost spark

Intimacy is crucial in a relationship be it physical intimacy or emotional intimacy. If your partner seems distant and is not interested in spending time with you, your relationship has probably lost its spark. Emotional intimacy is also very important as it helps you connect with your partner at a deeper and emotional level, you need to emotionally connect with your partner for a long relationship. Talk to your partner about this and get it clear if they are even invested in the relationship or not.

4. Frustration and aggressive behavior

Signs your relationship has lost spark

Does your partner get angry and irritated easily? Your partner who was usually calm always seems frustrated nowadays, if yes then you need to check your relationship with them. If the tiniest thing is making them irritated then, they are losing interest in the relationship. The truth behind this is that their behavior is mainly due to the way things are, maybe they don’t want to live with you anymore or they are simply not happy with how the relationship is going. There can be many reasons but if these things become a pattern, then your relationship has lost its spark.

5. No time for you

Signs your relationship has lost spark

At the beginning of every relationship, couples spend so much time together, they text and call each other every other day and night as if they practically can’t live without speaking to each other but after a period of time, this excitement vanishes in many relationships. No matter how busy you are, you should give some part of your day to your partner, your voice will make their entire day. When your partner is not available for you and your time together slips on their priority list, your relationship is not the same anymore and if not giving even a little time to your partner is not a red flag then we don’t know what else is. Talk to your partner or rethink your decisions if your partner is constantly distant from you.

There’s nothing called a perfect relationship. It’s the people involved in it that try to make it look perfect. You should not feel like an outsider in your own relationship. If you can relate to a majority of the above signs, you should talk to your partner and tell them how you really feel about it and if they still refuse to understand you, be ready to take the painful decision of letting them go.