5 Things to consider before committing in a relationship

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Commitment is quite a big term and should not be taken lightly. It is something that binds two different people in an undescribable bond and can also sometimes cause a lot of hurts if taken for granted or as a joke. A lot of people out there undervalue the term commitment and use it even as a joke.

So, before you commit to your partner your relationship, just don’t forget to consider these things mentioned below, if you want that no one should be hurt:

1. Do you really love them?

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Committing to someone you don’t love can be really scary. We, humans, tend not to settle for anyone but the one we love so, you should always consider the fact that you even love the person you are willing to commit to, or is this all just some attraction or attachment? Because if it is not love that binds you all other feelings can fade away with time and will cause a lot of hurt.

2. Do you really mean what you say?

You may be saying a lot of different things, promising the world to your partner, but are those all just words, or do you really mean what you say? If all your promises are mere words and you are facing a lot of problems in converting them into reality, you should just not commit to such a relationship, as it is just meant to fade away with time. 

3. Are they ‘the one’ for you?

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We might fall in love multiple times in our life but having the feeling and peace of finding that one person who is made for us is just unimaginable. So, before giving commitment in a relationship consider thinking about if the person you are committing to is the one for you or not. Because if they are not ‘the one’ for you, this commitment could be really hurtful for you both in the future.

4. Do your core values match?

Core values are something that really decides the future of you and your partner together. If you don’t share the same views about life and have quite different perspectives regarding different things no matter how hard you try you people would end up on different paths in the future. So, instead of giving commitment to such a relationship and hurting your own self in the future try walking out of it.

5. Do you see a real future together?


Living in an imaginary world is quite easy, and we humans really have an ideal world in our minds and prefer living in it instead of facing reality. So, before committing to somebody do make sure that you have a real future together and are not just relying on your imagination and living a fairytale.