5 Things to keep in mind before planning your first pregnancy

Credits: Pexels

Pregnancy is considered one of the most crucial steps in anyone’s life. So, it requires mindful planning before you even start to get pregnant. Apart from planning, one also needs to keep track of their medical updates as this will decide how smooth your pregnancy period is going to be. Though for many couples, it just happens out of the blues, which is termed an unplanned pregnancy. Still, if this is your first pregnancy or you have just started to plan for it, here are some crucial aspects you should keep in mind.

Medical checkup

doctorThe first thing you should do is to go for a medical checkup to be assured of your health. Sometimes after conceiving, when a woman goes for her first check-up, they get to hear about certain complications related to their pregnancy due to any ongoing health issue. So, keeping track of your health before conceiving will help get it sorted. There are numerous health issues in women like PCOS, Fibroids, Thyroids, etc., which can cause a delay in conceiving or create further issues, so by taking the help of a doctor, you can plan your pregnancy accordingly.


working womanIf you are a working woman, you need to get it very clear that once you conceive, your life is going to take a massive change. Especially at the beginning of your pregnancy months, you will experience several changes, including nausea, mood swings, and tiredness, which may hamper your workflow a little. Although in offices, people give certain flexibilities and relaxation to pregnant women, if your workplace is toxic, you need to make sure it doesn’t affect you once you conceive.

Relationship check

couple bedIt’s very important to have a good bond with your partner before planning to include a new member in your life, as it will not only make your relationship worse but also affect the future of the child. Couples in a toxic relationship, however, should not even think about planning pregnancy unless their relationship gets a little better. It is essential to have a talk regarding it with your partner and see what they feel about it, whether they are even ready for this big thing or if they will share responsibilities.

Start following a healthy diet

6-healthy-ingredients-to-include-in-your-morning-saladThings get smooth if you keep yourself fit. If you have planned for pregnancy, you must intake healthy food and supplements which help conceive. Take natural supplements which have abundant vitamins and other nutrient factors. Make a healthy routine and diet chart and follow it for eternity, as this will help you even after giving birth to your baby. Make sure you are not overweight or underweight, as this can become a reason for further complications ahead in pregnancy. If so, start working out accordingly to maintain a proportionate weight.

Stop unhealthy habits

smokingBefore pregnancy, you need to change your lifestyle by improving sleeping habits, quitting smoking and drinking, also limiting the use of caffeine, etc. These things are regarded as bad for your health and can cause problems. So, it’s better to start getting away from them once you make up your mind to start the journey of pregnancy.