5 Tips to beat long-distance relationship blues

long distance relationship
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A long-distance relationship is something that looks easier than ever to most people but couples who are in a long-distance relationship know the problems and obstacles they have to face in order to survive the relationship and make it work.

Technology has made it a bit more convenient than in old times, at least you don’t have to wait for a month to receive the letter of your loved one! But regardless, technology cannot compensate for everything in a long-distance relationship. It is not easy, many things are not possible due to extra distance and your friends and family many also discourage you to pursue someone who lives far away but it has its own surprises and excitement, which is why many couples make it work.

Let’s look into some ways by which you can make a long-distance relationship work and beat the blues of it:

long distance relationship

1. Communicate well but not excessive

Communication is the key to a good and healthy relationship but excessive communication can be a problem for a long-distance relationship. It is not advised to be overly “sticky” and “possessive”. You are living in different cities and even in different countries, you don’t really have to communicate 12 hours a day to make your relationship work as you both have priorities and a life to live. Many couples think that over-communication is the way to make up for the distance but this is not true, eventually, you’ll get tired of speaking about the same things again and again. Always remember, less is more.

2. Plan virtual dates

long distance relationship

Okay, we agree that you’ll not get to experience the slight bumping of shoulders on a walk with your partner or the gentle touch of fingers while reaching over to grab spoons for dinner but virtual dates can be fun too if you are creative enough! While it’s difficult to see your loved one through the screen, you have to work with what you got in a long-distance relationship. A virtual candlelit dinner or binge-watching the same TV show will make you feel as though you are actually together.

3. Try to be there for your partner

Even when you can’t actually be there, always try to support and encourage your partner by never letting them feel alone while you are away. You cannot compensate your physical presence by mere words but there’s always something you can do to make them feel special and worthy as it’s human nature to feel certain emotions in different situations. Try to be the first one to read his/her poems or the first one to make them smile when they’re feeling low, these small things are not so small and they define your commitment to the relationship.

4. Set your boundaries

long distance relationship

It is very important in a long-distance relationship to set your personal boundaries, you should establish good times to communicate with each other. Even if you are a couple, you have to respect and accept that they have a life different from you in a different city, they have friends, family, and social obligations to attend to, you should always support them in their personal decisions and maintaining the normalcy in their lives. Setting these boundaries requires clear and well communication between the couple and these decisions may prove to be difficult to make but it becomes easier to adjust with time and practice.

5. Plan meeting time frequently

long distance relationship

No relationship can be entirely long-distance, you have to meet in person to enjoy the physical presence and intimacy with your partner. While time and money can be an obstacle especially if you are living very far away like in different countries, a personal meeting is very important to make this type of relationship work and beat the blues of it. You can schedule the trip in advance so that you can have something to look forward to during your everyday life. Try to visit your partner in their city, it’ll save you money as well as you get to experience how they live in their city.

Long-distance relationships come with many challenges and problems, you have to deal with finding time for each other, balancing your social life and love life and many others but despite the challenges, long-distance relationships have their own surprises and moments, and besides, you don’t want to lose the love of your life simply because you don’t live in the same place, right?