5 Tips to help your kids face rejection

5 tips to help your kids face rejection
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Rejection and disappointment are part and parcel of our lives. While we adults are aware of dealing with such situations, children may not have the same knowledge to do so. They often blame themselves if they are not able to fulfill any goals. We can foster the feature of resiliency in our children at a very early age. It is inevitable for them to feel disappointed, rejected, and even defeated at times.

Today, we will be discussing five tips that can help children build some grit if they face rejection.

  1. Validate their experience

Whenever children feel understood and validated, they are capable of building a sense of self. It also helps normalize their feelings and builds them up for future challenges. The better they are able to feel and tolerate uncomfortable feelings, the easier and stronger it will be for them to handle things.

  1. Make failing safe

tips to help your kids face rejection

It is okay for children to be afraid of failure. It is high time you teach them to consider it an excellent learning experience. Doing the same will help them reassess their goals and come up with new plans to try their luck again.

  1. Try, try again

It is also okay for lack of motivation to kick in if the children face failure. It is the responsibility of the parents to make them understand that failure is a part of the process of life and that there is always a second chance available.

  1. Tie their value to their characters

tips to help your kids face rejection

It is high time that you tie your children’s values to their characters instead of looking only into their achievements. Yes, of course, it is okay to expect your kids to attend the best school and get A grades. However, not everyone can be a superstar. So, try making them superstars in your eyes rather than in the eyes of the world.

  1. Ask them to get a back seat

Every parent wants to save their kids from trials and tribulations. However, it is not okay to shelter them for too long. That is because it shuns the kids’ ability to develop a sense of self-efficacy. So, it is time you stop solving problems from your side and ask them to do things on their own.

Every parent wants the well-being of their children. However, it is important for them to help the kids understand the importance of failure, losses, and other difficulties in life. Once they start understanding these golden lessons in life, there is no one who can stop them from achieving anything in life.