5 Tips to tackle your job burnout

Job burnout
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Ever heard of job burnout? If not, you will right now. Job burnout actually refers to work-related stress. Although the term and the meaning may sound simple, in reality, the situation is more intense than what you can ever imagine. So, job burnout involves a sort of emotional or physical exhaustion that also includes reduced accomplishments and a loss of personal identity in individuals.

However, you must remember one thing – burnout is not a kind of medical diagnosis. Researchers point out different reasons behind job burnout, including depression, family pressure, personality traits, etc. Whatever the cause, it affects the mental and physical health of individuals.

job burnout

Symptoms of job burnout

You must ask yourself the following questions, and your answers will determine whether or not you have job burnout.

  • Did you become critical or cynical at work?
  • Do you have trouble getting started at work?
  • Have you become impatient or irritable with your colleagues, clients, or customers?
  • Do you lack the energy to be productive consistently?
  • Are you finding it hard to concentrate?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your achievements?
  • Are you feeling disillusioned about your current job?
  • Are you using any drugs or medication to feel better or not to feel?
  • Have you changed your sleeping habits?
  • Are unexplained headaches, bowel, or stomach problems troubling you?

If your answer comes as a yes to any of the above questions, then you are experiencing job burnout. You must contact a doctor or a mental health expert to talk about your situation.

How to handle job burnout?

If you are experiencing job burnout, you must take action immediately by following these tips.

  • Evaluate options

Start discussing specific concerns with your supervisor. It will help you work together and even change expectations or compromise the solutions. You can try setting goals on what must be done.

  • Seek support

job burnout

Try reaching out to your colleagues, friends, loved ones, etc., as they are the ones who may help you out with physical or emotional exhaustion.

  • Try a relaxing activity

Activities can be fun. You can explore multiple programs like yoga, tai chi, meditation, etc.

  • Get your exercise

If not an activity, you can always move your concentration to some physical exercise. It will surely help you deal with stress and anxiety.

  • Get some sleep

This is the most vital activity that you must indulge in to get rid of your job burnout. Ensure that you get adequate sleep to help you restore your well-being and health.