5 Ways pregnant women can increase their weight

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As soon as you find out you are pregnant, you visit a doctor, who likely does a pregnancy test during this initial visit. After doing your physical test and tracking your last period date, you are given an accurate month and week of delivery. During this period, you undergo 5-6 or more ultrasounds, routine check-ups, blood tests, and vaccinations.

Your doctor will guide you in every step and tell you about following a good diet and exercises as required. Your doctor will monitor your weight, blood pressure, and fetal development throughout your pregnancy and will instruct you to increase weight if you feel the need.

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However, one thing to keep in mind is that there is no need to “eat for two,” even though you certainly need a few additional calories. The average pregnant lady only needs 300 more healthy calories per day than her pre-pregnancy needs. This will enable them to put on the appropriate amount of weight while pregnant. You just need to find out from your doctor about idle weight gain that you should have during your ongoing pregnancy.

Generally, when pregnant, a lady who was of average weight before becoming pregnant should put on 25 to 35 pounds. Women who are underweight need to put on 28 to 40 pounds. Additionally, obese women might only need to put some 15 to 25 pounds. When you’re expecting twins, it’s extremely crucial to gain the correct amount of weight because your weight impacts the weight of the infants.

Additionally, twins’ health depends on their birth weight being higher because they frequently arrive earlier than expected. But there is absolutely no need to panic if your weight is taking time to increase; just make sure that your health is perfectly fine and you are taking all your medical tests and medicines on time and also not missing any appointments with your doctor. Here are some basic ways to increase your weight during pregnancy that your doctor might also have told you.

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Try these suggestions if your doctor advises you to put on weight during pregnancy:

  1. Instead of eating just a 3-course meal, increase your food intake by consuming modest five to six meals. That doesn’t mean eating unhealthy food; just grab some healthy snacks. Quick snacks like raisins, nuts, crackers, cheese-dried fruit, ice cream, and yogurt will surely help you increase those extra pounds.
  2. During the last third trimester, most women complain about bloating and heartburn due to which they eat less, so you can make a checklist and eliminate such food which causes these issues and add an extra amount of food that is absolutely fine for you in this way you will be satiated.
  3. Instead of eating plain bread, crackers, apples, bananas, and celery, spread peanut butter on them to increase those extra calories. You must know that a tablespoon of delicious peanut butter contains 7 grams of protein and around 100 calories. To enhance your dish, include extras like cheese, cream cheese, butter, gravy, margarine, and sour cream.  Also, for scrambled eggs or hot cereal, mix some nonfat powdered milk which is considered a good way to increase weight.
  4. Always walk after intervals, as it will help you with digestion and also reduce bloating. Moreover, it will increase your hunger pangs. Little exercise also helps a lot.
  5. Stay away from any kind of tension, as, for some women, this becomes a hurdle to putting on a healthy weight during pregnancy. Stay happy and positive throughout your pregnancy journey.