5 Ways to avoid being needy and clingy in a relationship

ways to avoid being a needy and clingy partner
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Have you ever been accused of being too needy? Has your past or current partner complained about you being too dependent or clingy? While it is true that your intentions were good, you also need to work on yourself a bit if being a needy individual is your reality. So, if you have been feeling embarrassed by the constant complaints of your partner about your needy behavior, and you still are looking for ways to get rid of this behavior, fret not.

Here is how you can cope with such feelings and behavior but first you need to understand what exactly this feeling is.

Being needy – What is this?

ways to avoid being a needy and clingy partner

If someone calls you needy, that means you are highly attached or dependent on another person. It is imperative to have some boundaries between you and your partner no matter how much you enjoy spending time with him or her.

Now, we will look into some essential steps through which you can become self-sufficient and less dependent on your partner.

It’s time to put down your phone

Contacting your partner throughout the day won’t increase your feelings for each other, trust me. Constant messaging and calling, sending pictures, articles, or emails throughout the day clearly states that you are needy and clingy. You may also be bombarding or distracting your partner through these activities. Focus on other daily activities or consider talking to a friend instead of nagging your partner.

Pursue your passion

ways to avoid being a needy and clingy partner

Being needy will stem all your hobbies and interests. While it is true that your partner holds importance in your life, try to prioritize your passions and pursuits. Having pastimes and activities can help you find your path separate from your loved one and make you self-dependent in the long run.

Give them some space

No one likes their partner doing things without them, isn’t it? You might be someone who cannot imagine your partner having dinner with friends or hanging out with them in a movie or bar. However, it is necessary that you give them that space to ensure a healthy relationship.

It’s time to stop being jealous

ways to avoid being a needy and clingy partner

Worried about your partner’s infidelity or loyalty? That automatically makes you a needy and clingy person. So, stop being envious and trust your instincts – everything will be fine from your partner’s end.

Start building your self-esteem

It’s high time you start accomplishing things on your side. It is the basic step towards building your self-esteem. In most cases, others may mistake you to be a needy person owing to the fact that you need everyone around you all the time. So, it’s high time that you focus on yourself rather than others.

While it may look difficult at the beginning, it won’t take much time for you to enjoy moments for yourself rather than with others. Try completing projects and tasks on your own and trust us, no one will dare to call you a needy person ever. Loving someone is not a sin, forgetting yourself is! If you work towards building your self-esteem and self-confidence, you can succeed and flourish in your life without having the need to depend on your partner.