5 Ways to ward off negative energies from your home

Ways to ward off negative energies
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Every one of us has experienced negative people in our lives. As much as we try to stay away from them, sometimes it is difficult to sever the social ties, isn’t it? However, our intuition or psyche has always warned us about such persons. Most of the time, these people may be a part of our friend circle or even our closest relatives.

It makes us wonder about the ways in which we can get rid of such negative energies. We will be discussing some of the tips and remedies that can help push away the negative vibrations from our lives and, of course, our homes.

While we cannot change somebody’s mindset, we can surely protect ourselves from negative vibrations. It is important for us to protect the positive vibrations that keep our house intact. The energies of the spaces of a house play a significant role in determining our own energies.

Ways to keep away negative energies

Here are some ways in which you keep away negative energies from your home.

  • The main entrance of the door

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The first entry point of your house is obviously the main door, so it is important for you to protect it at any cost. You can opt for a protective symbol like an evil eye to repel the negative eye of an individual entering your house. You can also use a horseshoe to place on your door in an inverted U position to help discard or release any negative vibration.

  • Under the doormat

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Another powerful remedy to dispel any negative intentions of those people entering your house is by using sea salt or rock salt. Just take the salt in its unadulterated form and put it inside a breathable pouch. Then you just need to put it inside your doormat.

  • Chanting mantras

If you chant mantras daily, it creates a strong power of protection. So, try getting into the habit of chanting mantras daily in your house that goes well with your religious sensibilities. If you do the chanting daily, your own positive vibrations will help get rid of all negative energies in the house.

  • Using crystals

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Ever heard of crystals like tourmaline. They are some of the best ways of warding off all the jealous energies of people. You can also wear it in the form of a bracelet on your hand. Make sure you wear it on your left hand as the left side is considered the receiving side of your body. So, wearing the bracelet on your left wrist is the best way to ward off those evil eyes.

  • The cinnamon power

You can sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon every full moon outside the entrance and across the four corners of your house. You can also put some cinnamon powder in a bag or pouch as it is known to be one of the best protection from evil eyes.