5-year-old boy found dead in dumpster in Milwaukee

Credit: GoFundMe

Unnerving tragedies occur in families in the blink of an eye. No matter if you move into a neighborhood thinking it is the safest space to stroll through the pathways and allow your children playtime in the evenings, before you know it, a looming grave incident strikes.

People bring an eerie case of a five-year-old boy, Prince McCree, who went missing on Wednesday, and just a day later, his body was found in a dumpster. Per Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported via People, the Milwaukee police launched an investigation into the homicide of the little boy. Prince McCree was found dead about a mile away from his home in the city’s Uptown neighborhood at 9:00 am on Thursday, approximately 24 hours after he went missing, per authority reports via People.

A man, 27, and a boy, 15, have been labeled as persons of interest in the case and have been taken into custody, per reports of the Wisconsin outlet via People. The authorities further reiterated that the cause of death is still unclear. A state senator and neighbor of the kindergartener’s family, LaTonya Johnson, reportedly told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the two people of interest live together, but their connection to the deceased 5-year-old and his family remains unveiled. (via People)

“They were distraught,” Johnson told the Sentinel on how McCree’s parents were knocking from door to door in the neighborhood trying to find their boy, adding, “It was a shock.” She continued on the incident to the outlet, “This neighborhood is relatively quiet. You don’t see a lot of police activity. We knew it was something serious.” (via People)

People reported that on Friday, Marie Stillo, a cousin of McCree’s mother, told the Sentinel that he was “just the sweetest little boy.”He loved his sister and brother very much, he loved school and learning, he loved everything superheroes, and when he was very little, he loved Baby Shark,” Stillo said, adding that the adorable child had just lost his second baby tooth. She concluded her statement by saying, “We are very sad at what happened, and it wasn’t fair, but now we are just trying to deal with it and put him to rest and help my cousin as much as she can.”

In addition to this, Stillo also created a GoFundMe page for McCree’s family, and as the description reads, it was opened to raise money “to provide Prince with a funeral and headstone that he deserves and to help his mom and dad with whatever they may need during this difficult time.”  She added on the page per People, “Prince loved Transformers, Spiderman, Fortnite, Roblox, school, learning, and Baby Shark when he was younger,” adding, “Our little angel was very loved by his father, mother, brother, sister, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and many other loved ones and friends.” Concluding with, “Prince’s mother and father are both devastated and now have to lay their baby to rest, something no parent should ever have to do.”