6 Amazing crime thrillers to watch this week

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While you are having a busy week up ahead and trying to take your mind off all the workloads, we have got you covered. There’s no other best way to relieve yourself from all stress than watching some absolutely fresh crime thriller web series this month and dealing with your anxiety issues with the work you are putting up at your office. 

So working people at the office and the ones in the kitchen, sit back and relax while we bring to you some of our top 6 picks of freshly brewed crime thriller series that will help ease your mind out and you can absolutely enjoy it in the ending weekend of this month in the comforts of your room. Turn on the TV now and enjoy binge-watching some of the amazing mind-wrecking thriller shows of all time. 

The Diplomat

Rated: 8.2

No. Of seasons: 1

Released on: 2023

Platform to view: Netflix

6 amazing crime thriller web series to watch this month
The Hindu

The first of the series that we have on our list is this stunning thriller with a terrific casting of Keri Russell, Rufus Sewell and Ali Ahn. It’s an American political thriller series and revolves around Kate Wyler who has been appointed as the new United States Ambassador and has to take charge of the international crisis and forging serious strategic alliances in London. Meanwhile, she juggles maintaining her marriage with her husband who is another career diplomat just like her. It has a combination of an interesting political story and at the same time delivers the storyline of a workaholic woman trying to keep the balance between her public and private life. One can easily give it a light watch and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

The Blacklist

Rated: 8.0

No. Of seasons: 10

Released on: (2013-2023)

Platform to view: Netflix

The Blacklist Season 10 Trailer (HD) Final Season

This is another mind-blowing series power-packed with loads of crime, thriller, mystery and drama that will keep you hooked to your seats. The incredible cast follows James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff and Ryan Eggold. The story articulates the life of the “most wanted list” of criminals and how he has managed to be on the list for two decades. As smart, clever and controlling as the criminal Red claims to be himself, he makes the FBI a deal to spit out all the information about the criminals and their mysterious plots unknown to them only if he is allowed to pair up with the newly appointed female profiler. It’s a purely and criminally enjoyable show to watch. With every episode, it will make you want more. The plot is mysterious with a lot of twists and turns that will right up boost your adrenaline levels.

The Last Thing He Told Me

Rated: 7.0

No. Of seasons: 1

Released on: 2023

Platform to view: Apple TV +

6 amazing crime thriller web series to watch this month

The genre consists of a drama thriller and currently three episodes are available to stream while the remaining four of the seven total will be released on a weekly basis. The story spins around Owen Michaels who disappears suddenly right before he is to be arrested for embezzlement and attempting security fraud, leaving behind his newly wedded wife Hannah in charge of his teenage daughter Bailey. Upon doing a thorough search, Hannah comes to know that no man ever existed in that name and everything was a plain hoax. It has a stellar casting of Jennifer Garner, Angourie Rice and Nicolaj Coster-Waldau who have played their part quite wonderfully. Every episode is a twist-turner creating an upbeat tension in the viewer’s mind and is definitely a must-watch on your list.

True Lies

Rated: 5.1

No. Of seasons: 1

Released on: 2023

Platform to view: Apple TV +

True Lies (CBS) Trailer HD

With the excellent casting of Ginger Gonzaga, Steve Howey and Erica Hernández, this series tells us about the story of Helen being a language professor who gets bored of her mundane lifestyle and suddenly discovers a shocking revelation about her husband Harry being a first-class International spy working for the U.S Intelligence Agency. Helen soon joins the Omega Sector and impresses everyone with her excellent skills. Helen’s joining sparks some much-needed sizzle in her earlier doomed marriage life. It is an action-based spy thriller series and has all the elements of thrill and mystery which the audience can connect with and at the same time delve into a whole new world of spy fiction. 


Rated: 7.6

No. Of seasons: 2

Released on: (2022-2023)

Platform to view: Amazon Prime Video

6 amazing crime thriller web series to watch this month

The story tells us about the mystery of a nightmarish town situated in middle America that is believed to trap all those who enter it. The residents try their best to unravel the mystery and try to bring back the normalcy of the place while trying to survive the threats of the surrounding forest which also includes the horrifying creatures that come out only after the sun sets. The casting has been done excellently with actors like Harold Perrineau, Hannah Cheramy and many more. This series will surely keep you hanging on your seat from episode one and has so many different angles that you never can know what’s coming next and it always keeps you thoroughly entertained. The plot is absolutely fresh, combining monsters, mystery and survival and surely, one can binge-watch.


Rated: 7.8

No. Of seasons: 6

Released on: (2018-2023)

Platform to view: Disney + Hotstar

9-1-1 Season 6 First Look Preview (HD)

The last of the series that we have is about the high-pressure experiences of cops, paramedics and firefighters who often get themselves into shocking, frightening and heart-stopping situations. The story revolves around depicting their lives and how they manage to balance their lives while trying to save common people in need. It is a power-packed action drama thriller bagging a decent amount of rating with the casting of Peter Krause, Oliver Stark and Angela Bassett and has already made a place in most people’s watchlist. You can definitely consider this series for binge-watching to let your heartthrob till the end.